Ideas for Summer: Study, Do Research, USREN School of Modern Tech and Enjoy

5/16/2017 1:53:44 AM

Ideas for Summer: Study, Do Research, USREN School of Modern Tech and Enjoy 

"You’ll find a different picture in Amol this September, instead on Nobel laureates and foreign board members that are hard to get a moment with there’ll be USERN Iranian Board members, top 1% scientists from every city around the country that gather for modern technologies, this time not in Tehran but in beautiful lands of northern Iran"

–Sasan Paryad, Master student in mechanics and junior director of the school

Division of Scientific Affairs: The schedule is more on-hand, easier to follow for attenders and based on suggestions from board members themselves. There would be lectures in the morning and workshops all day.

There are subjects on matters related to high tech for everyone’s field, from problem Solving and Group Decision Models to Public Health Status and Burden of Disease, Heat Transfer Methods, Thermodynamics, Nucleic Acid Biosensors and even Nano drugs in Cancer. USERN advisors want to make sure that the limited number of attending students to the workshop make most of what is represented and get involved in actual solutions and novel ideas in their field. 

''There is this theme we have in mind that applicants can opt for submitting an abstract of what they really think and expect to learn in their relevant courses''

''Our team evaluates abstracts, sorts out irrelevant ones and assign each applicant to a board member. This we expect to finish by the end of August when applicants and their team-adviser have a 40 day period to work together to make something worthy of the presentations. Top abstracts get the chance to be presented during the school and receive award from the local jury ''

-Sara Hanaei, USERN deputy of Scientific Affairs

The Islamic Science Indicator database has already given green-lights to index selected work in each field, to do with their scientific support of the school.   

Students can gain advice from experts on in “modern technology” related proposals, improve their presenting skills and off course enjoy working close and tight with USERN advisors. Nothing even comes close to the joy brought by working hard during the summer. Not when it comes to study paradigm shifts in science and see what science has new for us in the store.

USERN: Amol School of Modern Technologies will be hosted by Amol University of Modern Technologies in Amol a city in Northern Province Mazandaran. Prof. Mofid Gorji and Prof. Davood Domiri Ganji, USERN advisors, would host this three day event in Amol September 5th -7th as local chairs to the school. USERN Division of Scientific Affairs prepares for online abstract submission, grouping and providing ground for team work of 200 applicants, to be made available online within the upcoming two weeks. 

All you need to know about the scientific program of the school is already here:

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