Practice and Fundamentals in Optics, Physician versus Physicist

5/18/2017 7:33:41 PM

USERN Talks 21 & 22 represent a curious two-way Vision by an Ophthalmologist and a Physicist: '' Light and the Impossible''  and '' Vision the Perfect Imperfection''

Avicenna Hall at TUMS school of medicine will hold the opening of second international optics school and second international congress of Basir eye health research centre on Wednesday May 24th. High hopes for this 2nd three-day school of optics by Universal Eye Council (UCO), with live optic surgery implementing multi-focal lenses and Contact lens & Clinical Refraction Workshop presented by world top 1% scientists. Prof. Ioannis G Pallikaris, ophthalmologist and inventor of LASIK method in refraction surgery and Prof. Pablo Artal, professor of optics and founding director of optics laboratory in university of Murcia tell-tale the story of application of optics in medicine with physical optomodulation fundamentals from beam to blade!

USERN Talk 21st 22nd run as parts of the opening ceremony supported by Basir Eye health Research Center, USERN, Farabi Eye Research Center and Students Scientific Research Center, next Wednesday, 3-5 p.m. at Avicenna Hall of TUMS.  The three day school holds a premium 15 points on CME for Physicians.

Register Free for the USERN talks 21 and 22 via: 

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