USERN Headlines Maribor Academia: USERN President Aired On Official Media

3/1/2017 10:49:31 AM

Office Established at the FNM faculty of Maribor University, Agreements Signed with Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Natural and Mathematical Science, and Alma Matter Europia. Reports of the First Two Days of USERN President Europe Tour..

Watch: Slovenia's state television (RTV SLO) Broadcast of USERN Office Inauguration and Interview with Nima Rezaei

This Tuesday on February 28th, Dean’s office at the "Fakulteti za naravoslovje in matematiko ", or the "faculty of natural sciences and mathematics" at university of Maribor, held a highly publicized inauguration ceremony for 25th USERN office. Rezaei and dean of the faculty Dr. Matija Slavinec co-hosted a press conference and USERN new document signing with Professor Dr. Matjaz Perc, USERN board member at the faculty of physics at the MU was a side event to this inauguration and Rezaei lecture presenting USERN to the faculty members. This, as reported by the STA website is " in the words of the founder Nima Rezaei from Tehran, is dedicated to scientific transcending borders, not only between countries but also between areas”.

This was only part of the tight schedule Rezaei had been following in the past 48 hours visit to Slovenia. A few hours after arrival at the Ljublijana airport, Rezaei got a head start in USERN outbound ties, with the first MOU signed between head of the Faculty of Medicine, Ivan Krajnc (top left). Rezaei was accompanied through his inner city trip by Professor Perc, renowned top 1% in Physics at the Maribor University.

Alma Matter Europia (ECM), an independent higher learning institution that specializes in the provision of career-focused education in career-deficient fields of study. Being fully accredited by NAKVIS, the Slovenian Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education, the ECM is a renowned top higher education institute in Europe. Next visit on Monday Rezaei and Prof. Dr. Ludvik Toplak solemnly signed a memorandum of cooperation. A public invitation was organized by Toplak, airing on local radio announcing a world renowned immunologist as their distinguished guest- who will present USERN a research network spanning the globe with over 4000 members from five continents. Read more of Rezaei’s visit to the Alma matter Europia

USERN president’s top to-do-list on his second day of his ten day Europe tour, was his visit to the MU, culminating in a cooperation agreement signed with the Rector Prof. Igor Tičar. By the words of official website of the MU and as mirrored in social media affiliates to the university; "University of [Maribour] membership of USERN meet the internationalization strategy of UM set goals, to become globally recognized innovation ecosystem. In the company of the best universities and research institutions involved in the organization USERN, the University of staring to the achievement of excellence in research in science and art, and an innovative ecosystem for effective transfer of knowledge and innovation."

Significance of USERN President's visit to Academia at Slovenia, can be read in the words of Prof. Krajinc, Prof. Slavinec, Prof. Perc, Prof. Igor Tičar, and Prof. Toplak, reflected in official website and media of their respected affiliations. True scientific collaborations between USERN and parties to MOU occur only with mutual will and scientific investment. 

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