USREN:ESGM codirect a Workshop as ESGM supports the 2nd PID Spring School

4/7/2017 8:33:52 PM

USERN supports the 9th International Conference on Primary Immunodeficiency Diseases hosted by the Research Center of Primary Immunodeficiencies (RCID) and directed by USERN board member, Professor Asghar Aghamaohammadi

RCID which is affiliated to Tehran University of Medical Sciences (TUMS) was established in 2010 and is dedicated to develop and improve the science and practice of PID. The mission of RCID is to facilitate education, translational research and to promote in the care of patients with PID. In order to increase awareness of medical community, every year during World week PID, RCID organizes 2 days meeting focusing on update in diagnosis and treatment of affected patients with PIDs. 

In the 2017, RCID is planning to organize the 9th Annual Conference on Primary immunodeficiency on the 21-22th April, at Children's Medical Center Hospital.Tehran.

In recognition of USERN:ICID collaboration registration fee is Waived for members of the USERN network:

Free Registration for USERN members through:

Next, USERN and ESGM (European School of Genetic Medicine) are holding co-hostage of the second (Primary Immunodeficiency Diseases) PID Spring School, a day after the congress, April 23rd (Ordibehesht 3rd). Attendees to the ICID congress are all kindly welcome to the PID school as well.

Registration Fee is 20 EUR, which could be Waived for Half, in case of Abstract Acceptance!

Register Via:

Abstract submission is open through the ICID website: by mid-April to be presented there. Workshops of PCR, FACS, and ELISA are co-directed by USERN and ESGM in the afternoon for those who are interested. The same evening USERN is hosting an interesting workshop by the ESGM (European School of Genetic Medicine):  

The Transition from Genetics to Genomic Medicine: Introduction on Next Generation Sequencing

 Do not loose ESGM Workshop directed by Professor Giovanni Romeo! Registration fee is 20 EUR.

Register Now:

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