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All around the world, thousands of scientists are making the best of their efforts to find solutions for scientific problems in their field of specialty, in order to make the universe a more befitting host for all mankind.

We believe that our lives are too short, while once we learn some things, we realize that we are too old to do some things! So, sharing experiences of top senior scientists with talent juniors could be possible in interest groups. USERN paved the way toward this glorious aim by providing opportunity of creating various research and educational groups within the network.

You can create USERN interest group to:

  • Promote universal peace in the scientific world
  • Develop international scientific communication
  • Promote hopefulness, self-confidence, and effort-value among young scientists
  • Benefit from motivated young workforce from all over the world
  • Experience a great teamwork and an international collaboration
  • Use experiences from seniors and bring their dreams to the reality by sharing experiences with juniors

How to develop a USERN Interest Group (UIG)?

Each interest group within USERN can be simply established by a USERN member. The application of  group establishment is reviewed by the faculty members of USERN advisory board and it must be approved by this board. In addition, accreditation at 6-months intervals  is performed by central administrative team of USERN and determines the  eligibility of continuation of group activities.

USERN members can submit a proposal to develop an interest group affiliated to USERN. The proposal must be a word file containing the following items:

Title of group:
Major, Field:

Founder: Name, Academic Major, Academic degree, Primary affiliation, username in USERN website
Supervisor(s): Name, Academic Major, Academic degree, Primary affiliation,  username in USERN website (**Only faculty members can be a supervisor)
Executive director: Name, Academic Major, Academic degree, Primary affiliation,  username in USERN website

Definition: Describing the significance of the proposed group

Plan: Describing the strategy of group in organizing a team in research and/or education, Explaining the future activities

* Please submit the proposals of new group establishment to usern.interestgroup@gmail.comFor more details, you could contact us through this email address as well.