A Glance of IFPPP 2017 as the HEART Group Celebrates Third Year of Activity

11/19/2017 8:49:33 PM

The third IFPPP festival train was running steady and still during the last months first in Mashad Family Culture Center, Gorgan Cinema Theatre of Capris, and Moj Gallery in Gonbad Kavous in Iran as well as Immunology lab of the Belarusian Research Center for Pediatric Oncology in Minsk, Barcelona, Spain, Baku, Azerbaijan, Hong Kong, Konya, Turkey and even the Los Angeles Public Library/Westwood Branch to land in the final station in Kharkiv.

Huger than expected, the third IFPPP festivals were held in hallways, pathway corridors, along the walls and over the windows from LA in USA to Hong Kong during October while IFPPP official were getting ready for the last of these finals to be held to introduce 24 happy faces to the world. Children who learned to combat their illness, with Art. United Nations has named November 20th as the universal children’s day, to promote international togetherness, awareness among children worldwide, and improving children's welfare. This is what Bahareh Jahandoust, chief director of the Health and Art group (HEART) and her anonymous friends have tried to do since 2014, promote children’s welfare through Art and bring them together by through sympathy and strength.

Now, the final 32 top artworks were only a fraction of the 200 pieces of paintings published in the third IFPPP booklet, selected form a total of 1400 artistic contributions of tiny hands from 20 countries worldwide. Those creative minds belonged to beautiful faces of the new honorary judges of the IFPPP, introduced in Kharkiv Palace Hotel on November 8th:

Group A: Under 7 years old

1st Place: Yuliana Tasinik, Ukraine,

2nd Place: Yaroslav Zaharo, Russia

3rd Place: Reza Ghahremani, Iran

Group B: 7-10 years old

1st Place: Rastin Azimi, Iran

2nd Place: Danak Boyceva, Bulgaria

3rd Place: Abdolaziz Hamidi, Qatar

Group C: 11-14 years old

1st Place: Samira Khalili, Iran

2nd Place: Shivag Kanakrai, India

3rd Place: Omkolthuim Tapko, Turkey

Group D: 15-18 years old

1st Place: Simona Grabaskin, Lituania

2nd Place: Alina Safari, Romania

3rd Place: Hanieh Iranmanesh, Iran

The HEART group founded in 2014, is the primary executive of the IFPPP universal painting festivals. "Promotion of self-competency through non-verbal skills, anxiety relief and encouraging hope for the sick kids and their families is what we strive and hope for in HEART", Nima Rezaei the founder of the group has stated in a recent interview with a local news agency.

Read More In Farsi About the HEART Group Here: http://tebna.ir/فعالیت-هنری-روحیه-کودکان-بیمار-را-تقوی/

& in English here: http://usern.tums.ac.ir/News/New?title=Tehran%20and%20the%20Other%20Twenty%20Nine%20Hosts%20of%20the%20Third%20IFPPP

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