A Living Legend in USERN Advisory Board

1/11/2019 10:27:58 PM

To his students and to the world of science Professor Abass Alavi is a living legend, a master of modern molecular imaging with a sharp focus on 18F-FDG PET to the benefit of millions of people around the world. To the USERN family Professor Alavi is a pillar and all-time supporter and of course one of the first advisory board members who joined the initiative. Few weeks before the USERN Congress and Prize Festival 2018, we asked USERN advisory board members, those who had generously provided 500$ travel grants for young students to attend the event, to answer a few questions about the USERN and USERN Prize. The following are his answers, kindly sent via email, to our questions. Professor Alavi’s grant went to the USERN Medical laureate 2018, Dr. Gian Paolo Fadini. 

FR: How long have you known USERN? Describe USERN Prize in a short sentence

AA: I have known USERN for a few years and have been impressed by its mission of promoting science and education among young and motivated students around the world, particularly in the developing countries, therefore, I have a strong feeling to support such organizations around the globe. USERN Prize is a powerful symbol of its mission of promotion of excellence among young scientists.

FR: What was your motivation to give a travel grant to the 2018 USERN Laureate/Delegate (young scientists under 40)?

AA: As I said, as a teacher and a scientist, during my long career in medicine, I have realized how supporting highly motivated and driven individuals in their formative years can benefit them and shape their future plans substantiallyMy humble beginning during the first 3 decades of my life, I have realized how a simple gesture of support and encouragements can enhance the level optimism of young minds who are lost in this fast moving and at time cruel world, we as their mentors have an obligation to guide them as best as we can.

FR: How do you envision future of USERN Congress and USERN Prize festival?

AA: I will go along with whatever our colleagues in the organization decide, there is no question that having interactive occasions will substantially enhance the mission of this scientific organization.

FR: What do you wish to say to the 2018 USERN Laureate/Delegate who has won the travel grant?

AA: Congratulations to you all and keep on moving forward with your plans for the future and do all you can to minimize suffering of millions of suffering patients around globe, there is nothing more rewarding than knowing what you did stopped someone’s pain.

More About USERN Laureates and USERN Grants: https://goo.gl/yYoCDU

By Farzaneh Rahmani

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