A Quick Read For A Quick Update of Science

1/19/2021 10:54:16 PM

USERN Quick Read 

A quick read for a quick update of science! 

Have you ever read about an interesting scientific topic and wanted to share it with others? Have you ever read about a controversial scientific topic on social media, but you weren't sure of its truth? Are you willing to always stay updated with the latest scientific issues? 

USERN brought the solution for you. USERN Quick Read ( aka, UQR); a piece of online scientific web news that keeps you updated with science as simple as your favorite magazine, as informative as scientific journals, and as impressive as social media. 

This is an absolutely fantastic opportunity for the ones who want to share their controversial scientific ideas and for the ones who are in love with the most updated version of science. 

We publish a new UQR each Thursday. Having your evening Coffee or tea with our UQR won't be a bad idea! 

How about the individuals that want to be a member of the UQR writers' club? 

It's quite easy; you just have to submit your favorite article written in a general format to us!  

What are the requirements of a good UQR? 

1- An impressive title 

2- You should write no more than 850 words. 

3- You should write in general style, neither slang nor academic. 

4- Please support your manuscript with ideal references in numbered style. 

5- Do not write about political or governmental aspects. 

6- You can attach your manuscript with a Cover photo/ sketch, and you should connect the artist's name too ( optional). 

7- The photo should be  1500 ✖️600 pixels.

What are the benefits of being a member of the UQR writers' club? 

You can simply enhance your writing skills with the grammar lessons and the discussions you have with others. This year we will have a voting system for each written UQR, and we will announce the best writer of the month and the best writer of the year too. 

What are you waiting for? 

Submit your UQRs on: 




For more information, contact us on! 


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