Chronicles of USERN Spring Conference: What Happened

4/27/2018 8:11:47 AM

"I have travelled a lot and Iranian students are no different from other enthusiastic students, I have met during these years. The key is to be able to ask good questions and that I have seen here among avid Iranian scholars". –These were words of Professor Robert Huber, Nobel laureate of chemistry, during his interview with Jame Jam TV.  

The USERN Spring conference was one of the 400 scientific events USERN has organized in its three years of existence. These events all have one in common and that is melting art performances into scientific lectures and it was no different in USERN Conference on Monday this week at Avecinna Hall of TUMS.

The USERN Spring Conference Started Right on 4 p.m., attracting over 300 audience with various backgrounds, chemistry, medicine, genetics and physics. Professor Mirjam Vanderberg and her lecture entitled "Cross-roads of Life: What drives you in one direction?", officially commenced the USERN spring conference. Kiarash Yaghoubi, Sara Sadat Hosseini and Kamran Sabzi, "Santour Artists" were the three artists accompanying Vanderberg in her lecture. She described how advice from her grandmother and her mentor had always been enlightening to her and help her find collaborations with people with the same passion.

Professor Emmanuelle Juengay was next in line with her 12 minute lecture: "how can one person change your expectations from yourself?", while Mona Mirbeik and Sepideh Shahkarami were creating artwork and Nader Daniali played a beautiful Guitar part, after that.  According to Professor Juengay her passion and perseverance had made her mentor to believe in her and lead her to a way of greatness.

Professor Reinhold Schmidt was next with: What makes a great scientist?" when Saeed Ebrahimi, Fatemeh Taati and Parsova Tavasolian performed music, painting and calligraphy during his lecture. "Honesty " was part of Schmidt recipe for success.

Trompet and Saxephone, from Sosha Shams and Homan Darkhi began the final episode of the first part of the conference. Professor Lazslo Hounyday was the next lecturer and Master Hasan Abdi and Mina Abdoos created their art performance, along.

The "Sazband" orchester" and their live performance officially strated the second part of the conference. Chinese non-scientist, Professor Nie and Chen, elaborated how the art of nano-science has made its way into biomedicine letting music from Mohsen Ahmadi and Sepideh Shahkarami, painting from Asal Ebrhaimi and Sepideh Shahkrami and Caligraphy from Saba Goblaz and Mahsa Yousefpour breeze all through out.

Mehdi Mobasheri and Saeed Bahrami were the two music artists performing before the climax of the event. In his 1 hour lecture, Robert Huber reflected over the extraordinary interface of various scientific fields, medicine, chemistry, physics in identification of the 3D structure of the proteins, giving credit to the "multidisciplinary nature" of the field for his Nobel Prize. Ebrahin Olfat and Mohammad Reza Mehri accompanied Huber with calligraphy and painting, during his lecture.

The "Morgh-e-Sahar" song, jointly performed by Farideh Rezaei and Anne Herbertau and Lia Roquez, French artists couple, properly justified end of the conference, as everyone gathered up stage for a memorial photo. 

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