First USERN Event in 2017, a Gathering of Talk, Art and Celebration

1/13/2017 4:13:24 PM

Beyond the anticipated 500 audience, gathered for a year had passed, for the USERN inspirational Talk 16, Art performances by the HEART group, and recognition of top active advisory board members and interest groups… All brought to you by USERN!

As for the hosting privileges, USERN founding president, Dr. Nima Rezaei was on top list of speakers to present a narrative view of what has been going on within and without USERN, during its first year. USERN board members, USERN interest groups, the IT infrastructure and facilities of the USERN website and networking strategies via scientific tree of pedigree, mentorship and mentees, and finally the 1st congress in 2016 and the USERN prize 2016 were the trending hot topics of Rezaei’s lecture in the 1st USERN anniversary monument on the second Wednesday of 2017.

Shanameh Narration by two young talented artists Rayan Mir Farsi and Mohammad Naimi Zaker, and art performances by Ebrahim Olfat, Mehri Siavoshi, Fatemeh Taati, and Amirali Kiani and their fellow artists in our favorite, Health and Art (HEART) group, were in the next block before the long waited, USERN iTalk#16. 

Shahab Anari was back to TUMS campus after 20 years, for what the most called upon USERN iTalk ever! "Energy Leadership; The Seven Levels of Consciousness in our Life and Career" was presented by Anari, a 2004 graduate from TUMS school of medicine, and now an inspirational lecturer in personal branding and principals of success. Born in 1981 in Tehran and later 1st ranked in national contest for higher education entries, and now co-author of the best seller, Wall Street featured in 2016, '' Ignite Your Life'', found passion in coaching principals, management skills and what he recognises as the "Art of turning on the lights in one’s life for a progression from one level of consciousness to another". Third sibling after his brother and sister both professionals in medicine, Anari, believes his life could not have never been satisfying for him, pursuing his medical career, not more than it is now actually!

USERN top active advisory board members and top active interest groups were last in the list, but not least to be identified, for the highest number of USERN affiliated papers, and research efforts, and for their scientific productions under the name of USERN. Dr Farnoosh Faridbod, Professor Reza Tavkkoli Moghaddam, Parviz Nourouzi, Davood Domiri Ganji, Professor Ansari, Jafari, Omid Bozorg Haddad, and Mousavi Movaheddi were top advisory board members, and top 10 USERN Interest Groups:

1-Network of Immunity in Infection, Malignancy and Autoimmunity (NIIMA), 

2-Nano-Encapsulation in the Food, Nutraceutical, And Pharmaceutical Industries Group (NFNPIG), 

3-Universal Council of Ophthalmology (UCO), 

4-Cancer Immunology Project (CIP)

5-Health and Art (HEART)

6-Phytopahrmacology Interest Group (PPIG)

7-Media and Life Promotion Group (MLPG)

8-NeuroImmunology Research Association (NIRA)

9-Psychoneuroimmunology Group (PNIG)

10-NanoMedicine Research Association (NRA)

& NeuroImaging Network (NIN)

were awarded certificates of appreciation on Wednesday Jan 11th 2017!


Having made a breakthrough in research and scientific products in 2016, USERN remains watchful to grasp new opportunities, set goals high, and wrap up tight, to fly even further, in 2017. 


By Farzaneh Rahmani


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