IFPPP 2022

2/11/2022 12:04:47 AM

For the eighth year, the International Festival of Paintings for Pediatric Patients (IFPPP) officially started on February 1th at the same time as the "International Give Kids A Smile" Day. Selected artworks from the 8th IFPPP will be exhibited in more than 40 countries worldwide.


International Festival of Paintings for Pediatric Patients (IFPPP) is now a brand following the name of the Health and Art group everywhere.


Los Angeles, Minsk, Belarus, Barcelona, Spain, Baku, Azerbaijan, Hong Kong, Konya, Turkey, Iran, are a few of 40 cities/countries hosting exhibitions of the 7th IFPPP. Thanks to USERN Junior Ambassadors and USERN Offices worldwide, HEART has received photos of new exhibitions. The closing ceremony of the festival will be held on Nov 8, on the side of the 7th International USERN Congress and Prize Awarding Festival, in Muscat, Oman.


Theme: Health

Submit the artworks here:




Read More About the Events in Farsi:




About the Previous IFPPP (1st-4th):

http://yun.ir/ihbr7b & http://yun.ir/lde71d

http://yun.ir/asgbpd & http://yun.ir/icnou7 & http://yun.ir/m2kzz6     


Do Not Miss On The Top 100 Artwork of IFPPP7:


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