IFPPP Just Hit A Milestone

11/16/2019 1:05:48 AM

Five years mark the establishment of any initiative and putting feet on the ground. This milestone has just passed for the International Festival of Pediatric Patients Paintings (IFPPP) as the 5th IFPPP Festival came to an end in the Vigado Palace of Budapest, affiliated to the Hungarian Academy of Art. IFPPP are held annually by the Health and Art (HEART) group.


The 5th IFPPP was inaugurated alongside the USERN Congress and Prize Festival, just like the last four ceremonies did since 2016. It wasn’t the first time for Semmelweis University and Avicenna International College to host the event, as the IFPPP returned to Budapest for the second time since the second IFPPP back in 2016, followed by Ukraine and Italy in 2017 and 2018. The competition however did not get easier than the last time in Budapest as more than a 1000 paintings fought for 3 top places in 4 age groups.

The 5th IFPPP officially started in Tehran during National Children’s Week alongside the 2nd Arts and Game Village in Jam Center of Tehran. About the same time more than 40 cities started IFPPP exhibitions worldwide, demonstrating top 200 artwork in local hospital, libraries, and galleries in Turkey, Armenia, South Africa, Romania, Finland, India, Netherlands, Ukraine and Los Angles, USA. For the first time in IFPPP history, top 11 painting in each age group were exhibited online for public voting. Here are the 20 young artists who won the 2019 IFPPP making it to Vigado palace on Nov 8, 2019:


Group A: up to 6 years old:

1st Rank: Tannaz Tabatabaei, 6 yrs., Iran; and Kavya Patel, 6 yrs., India

2nd Rank: Adriana Manolescu, 5 yrs., Romania

3rd Rank: Leticia Bravo Alonso, 5 yrs., Venezuela


Group B: 7-10 years old:

1st Rank: Rahminiyan Marzuki, 10 yrs., Indonesia

2nd Rank: Raha Behbahani, 7 yrs., Iran; and Moksha Shah, 8 yrs., India

3rd Rank: Alyssa Panchal, 9 yrs., Australia


Group C: 11-14 years old:

1st Rank: Ela Yildan, 12 yrs., Turkey

2nd Ranks: Mark Zumer, 14 yrs., Slovenia; and Ilia Cheraghi, 11 yrs., Iran

3rd Rank: Margherita Pierni, 14 yrs., Italy; and Batool Marzooq AlBunni, 14 yrs., Bahrain


Group D: 15-18 years old:

1st Rank: Hanna Peresztegi, 15 yrs., Hungary; and Anja Cepelnik, 17 yrs., Slovenia

2nd Rank: Jayni Patel, 15 yrs., India; and Tadas Gudauskas, 15 yrs., Lithuania

3rd Rank: Guste Jurkute, 18 yrs., Lithuania; and Reham Shehada, 17 yrs., Palestine; and Tamara Arvizu, 16 yrs., Mexico


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