IFPPP7 Awarding Ceremony

11/21/2021 5:25:46 PM

Health and Art (HEART) group with one main goal "to maintain and improve the mental health of sick kids, all over the world" has organized the 7th International Festival of Paintings for Pediatric Patients (IFPPP), this year in Istanbul, Turkey. IFPPP in association with other HEART groups' charity programs, for instance, Football Mini World Cup and Books and Toys Sharing Campaigns have been designed with the aim of bringing smile to a beating heart, to strengthen the sick kids both mentally and physically.

This year, more than 600 paintings from 30 countries have been received. The artworks' evaluation was performed by 58 reviewing committee members from 36 countries followed by public voting to determine the top paintings. IFPPP2021 has the chance to be supported by 60 medical or art societies and centers from different countries.

This year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the priority of children's health, the top 3 young artists from each age group were invited and awarded in the closing ceremony of USERN 2021.

The other kids were invited to the opening ceremony of the IFPPP7 on October 8th, held at Children’s Medical Center, Tehran, Iran.  

Top young artists in IFPPP 2021:

Group A (3-6 years old)

  1. Arvin Fooladvand, 5 years old, Iran
  2. Zlata Yakovleva, 5 years old, Russia
  3. Alekzander Yankov, 6 years old, Bulgaria

Group B (7-10 years old)

  1. Liliana Balogh Borbala, 9 years old, Hungary
  2. Arshida Asadi Hajivand, 8 years old, Iran
  3. Liliya Yankova, 10 years old, Bulgaria

Group C (11-14 years old)

  1. Nirvana Roostaei, 11 years old, Iran
  2. Anahita Afshari Tavana, 12 years old, Iran
  3. Aanya Soni, 13 years old, India

Group D (15-18 years old)

  1. Labadeva Zlata, 15 years old, Russia
  2. Lavin Hasanzadeh Oskoei, 15 years old, Iran
  3. Yekta Esmaeili, 15 years old, Iran

Finally, the next IFPPP, IFPPP8 will be held in Oman, November 2022.

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