Join the glory of a scientific debate

8/6/2021 10:47:53 AM

Join the glory of a scientific debate! 
The word debate hardly takes us to the heated debates of Joe Biden and Donald Trump. But how about scientific debates? Have you ever heard about the hot debates of Galileo and the church? How about the popular Bohr–Einstein debates? Do you have any idea about them? 
Debating is the art of freely expressing your ideas while supporting them and defeating other opponents' ideas.
We are living in a world that is filled with many debating scientific issues, but what is the most heated one at the moment? 
Definitely, the COVID-19 vaccination.
Simply are you with or against it? 
Imagine a place where you are sitting with all experts related to this issue, like; immunologists, epidemiologists, infectious diseases experts, and psychologists. In this place, everyone is freely talking about the COVID-19 vaccination and is trying to support his thoughts with ample scientific evidence. Scientific ideas are flying in the room, and personal experiences are polishing them; the room is having inflamed arguments that increase your blood adrenaline. Can you imagine yourself in this exciting room? 
Would you like to be one of those people who freely represent their ideas? 
This is an excellent opportunity to take part in finding the solution to one of the most terrific crises of the world. 
This is what the USERN 2021 Congress has brought for you! 
A magnificent opportunity that will make you not only brighten up your CV by attending a world-changing scientific feast but also to know the experts of your field of interest closely! 
You just have to fill the registration form of U-debate and write your thoughts on the COVID-19 vaccination to win the ticket to this marvelous scientific feast.
Our experts will critically evaluate your thoughts in order to take you to the next round, which is a scientific interview that analyzes your critical thinking. 
We make a scientific file for all of our candidates who had excellent critical thinking skills and present them to our scientific supervisors, who will critically choose the people they will train them for entering the main debate in the congress. 
Can you imagine it? You will be directly trained by one of the most astonishing professors of the COVID-19 field to enter a scientific marathon that might help the entire world! 
You might ask, who are our supervisors? 
We have four supervisors from different scientific fields; Dr. Hamidreza Namazi supervising the medical ethics team, Dr. Fereshreh Ghiasvand supervising the infectious diseases team, Dr. Alipasha Meysami supervising the epidemiology team, and Dr. Amir Hassan Zarnani supervising the immunology team. 
It is worth mentioning that in this debate, you can also find many other scientists who are related to this crisis and will take part in this debate as well! 
In addition to all of these, the real surprise is hidden in the travel grant that will be given to the best debater of this scientific feast. 
What are you waiting for? Don't miss the glory of this inflamed scientific feast! 
Registration deadline: 17th Aug 2021 or 26th Mordad 1400. 
Note: this event is in Persian, and it's held in Tehran, Iran. 
Note: After passing the interview phase, you should pay a tuition fee of 160 Tomans if you are willing only to attend U-debate, or you can pay 200 Tomans for attending U-debate and the online webinars of the 6th International USERN congress. 

Registration link:

You can also watch last year's debates on these links: 




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