New Milestone Reached: One Step Closer to Science without Borders

6/15/2017 4:17:00 PM

Less than eighteen months has passed from the start of a young scientific network that was building upon members to grow. Now indeed, our members have outgrown USERN!

The universal scientific education and research network, or what we prefer to call USERN around here, is an idea made into action, followed with perseverance and grew fast against all odds to become now the top most non-governmental academic network in Iran.

A team-driven initiative, Nima Rezaei started USERN with his junior students, a small room next to his office and a few of his own network, fellow top scientists in medicine that comprised the elite "advisory board". He can't help but to agree that it is now ''USERN'' adding to his fellow top friends than him persuading new advisers to join the board. 

“I cannot come to words with it.  USERN is just finding its own way to engage world top 1% scientists in a borderless working environment, and we are proud to be a part of the networks constant growth"

-       N. Rezaei founding president of USERN

Every single advisory board member has a stake in USERN’s success. Two-Hundred-and-Thirty #230, is the number of world top 1% scientists who have joined this initiative. Not to add 13 Noble and Abel laureates, honorary members of the board. Worlds highly cited and extraordinary scientists form all five continents are now affiliated to USERN and this remains to grow! This is a league of seniors surrounded by a diverse team of junior members who have nothing in mind but to learn and learn and learn!

No day is ever the same in USERN. There is a salad of scientific programs and a store that is open 24!  By joining USERN you sign for a chance to participate in running research and educational projects, to become a member of existing professional and interdisciplinary groups, and participate in free classified scientific talks, "USERN TALKs" and Workshops.

Many young students who join USERN find it plausible to embark a new journey on their own, establish their own professional group and do research under supervision of USERN scientific board.  

There is the Annual USERN congress and USERN prize festival. USERN congress is a sample of professional enriched, experience of bringing science together, all the way from galaxy to genome. Hosted by USERN partners in cities around the world, the USERN congress is not like others in many ways. There is no limit to participate but an #Age-Limit! That’s right, age limit! Take this year’s USERN congress, to be hosted by five big universities in Kharkov Ukraine: young scholars, no more than 40-years of age, from National Kharkov University of Karazin, Kharkov National Medical University, Karazin University, O.M.Beketov National University of Urban Economy in Kharkov, will gather in a congress of art and science with lecturers being no one but USERN Advisors and USERN laureates.

You already want to check the date in your calendar? It is November 8th-10th, 2017 ending with the USERN prize awarding festival at Kharkov palace. Just that you know, Nov 10th is designated by UN as "world’s day of science for development and piece". Familiar isn’t it?

There is a lot to tell and too little time to share with you ''how proud we are to be part of USERN''. We are excited to see what the future beholds for this network and continue to work and watch it grow. One thing is for sure and that is none of this would be possible if it wasn’t for you. 

More exciting challenges lie ahead for USERN. Interested in having a share in this future? Follow us on:

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USERN Family of 5000 from 45 different countries! It’s a privilege to get to share this network with you

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