Nominate Speakers for USERN 2020

3/11/2020 8:18:15 PM

Dear USERN Members and Colleagues,


We have been hosting the Annual USREN Congresses since 2016, all around the world, starting from Tehran, to Kharkiv, to Reggio Calabria, and to Budapest.

Coming up next, the 5th USERN Congress and Prize Awarding Festival will be held on November 7-10, 2020 right where it started in Tehran, Iran; along with satellite meetings all around Iran, followed by post-congress events in Shiraz and Isfahan during November 11-14, 2020!

The scientific theme of the Congress will be “from Science to Society”, emphasizing the important role of multidisciplinary scientific studies for the benefit of the society! Different aspects of this topic will be covered in a multidisciplinary scientific program, presented by top scientists worldwide. In the meantime, the unique gathering of senior and junior scientists in the context of USERN Congress would be a forward step in eliminating leveling boundaries in scientific interactions:


We now ask you to take 5 minutes and nominate top scientists from around the world, you would like to see in the upcoming USERN Congress:


Feel free to share this link with your friends and channel it via social media.


We are excited to have your view points to make USERN 2020 in Tehran a unique international event!


Sincerely yours,
Nima Rezaei, MD, PhD
Professor of Clinical Immunology

Founding President of USERN


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