On USERN Congress 2019: USERN Advisory Board Travel Grants

5/30/2019 5:19:49 PM

USERN Advisory Board Members are Giving Away Travel Grants for junior scientists to be able to attend the USERN 2019 congress in Budapest, on Nov 8-10th.  The 4th USERN Congress is to be hosted by the Avicenna International College, and supported by the Semmelweis University of Budapest. 

USERN Advisory Board Members are giving away 500 USD travel grants for talented young students to be able to take part in the USERN Congress and Prize Festival. The three day events entails several workshops and scientific events with the theme of “applied science”, not to mention the keynote lecture by USERN Prize Laureates and top 1% scientists from Hungary and all over the world. The travel grant shall cover the registration fee for 150 euros and part of the accommodation costs for the delegates. Applicants who wish to apply for USERN Advisory Board Grants are required to fill-out the registration form and submit their abstract along with their application via the link below: 


Here is the list of USERN Advisory Board Members who have already announced their grant for the 2019 Congress, and the list is still growing….

1) Prof. Nima Rezaei

2) Prof. Maziar Moradi Lakeh

3) Prof. Reza Majdzadeh

4) Prof. Abass Alavi

5) Prof. Matjaz Perc

6) Prof. Morteza Mahmoodi

7) Prof. Saeed Ghavami

More information about the travel grants and financial aids, and the theme of USERN Congress can be found here:



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