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11/11/2017 3:45:21 PM

USERN is humbled by the enormous hospitality and great organization he received during Second USERN 2017 Congress and Festival. We are proud not just because of the one-of-a-kind collaboration of Kharkiv Academia, and the huge number of students attending the fascinating lectures, or the third IFPPP festival or the incredible constellation of multidisciplinary scientists among speakers and USERN laureates. But due to the whole will and fortune the growing USERN society in expecting for its future. Here is why... 

November 8th 2017 brought together many from within the city of Kharkiv, from Tehran, Italy, Canada, United states, Slovenia, UK and Germany, in the Premier Palace Hotel Kharkiv Conference Hall, where head of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration (HOGA) opened the most talked about scientific event of the year in Kharkiv.

According to Nima Rezaei, founding president of the Universal Scientific Education and Research Network (USERN), the USERN congress and prize festival 2017 was something planned for month’s before during Rezaei’s trip to Kharkiv last February. Rezaei, and his team from Tehran, have worked closely since along with the rector of the Kharkiv national medical university (KhNMU), Professor Veladimir Lesovoy and the joint collaboration of KNU. VN Karazin, National Technical University "Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute", National Pharmaceutical University (KhPI) within HOGA, to make it possible. The huge and unique collaboration is perhaps why Ukraine and USERN are proud of such a well-organized event, "it was not accidental that the venue was chosen for Kharkiv", states Rezaei in his welcome speech this morning. 

The second of USERN congress opened with welcome speech of Kharkiv Oblast Mayor, Yulia Svetlichnaya, who also holds position of the HOGA president. According to her "Having won the right to hold the USERN international congress, the Kharkiv region has once again proved that it is the center of science." For Kharkov, science is a brand, and we will continue to popularize it in the future. This is an extremely important event in Ukraine. Scientists from the whole world have come here to the east of the country, which means that they trust us, “said Svetlichnaya. 

According to the rector of KhNU. V.N. Karazin Vilya Bakirov, the congress will become a multinational master class for young scientists: "USERN has made a very right decision by choosing Kharkov as the venue for this congress. Our city is the academic capital of Ukraine."

Pointing to the glorious scientific background of Kharkiv, Nima Rezaei said that USERN is growing a platform among young and leading scientists to push forward academic mobility which is key to      scientific enrichment and true networking in science. Rezaei pointed to memorandum of agreement        already established between USERN and V.N Karazin and between KhNMU and USERN last February: "When scholars visit different scientific institutions, they have the best ideas in the future". The V.N. Karazin has taken the opportunity to summarize the work of young scientists who have made a contribution to the event. the first ten, with receive travel grants to leading universities of the world.

First day of USERN congress 2017 continued with lectures delivered in the main venue, by Canadian top scientist Daniel Pauly with "Evolution and changes in ecosystems", German leading scientist Markus Fischer on "The global food value chain – Systemic strategies for food authentication", Evan Eichler, investigator at Howard Hughes Medical Institute from USA, presenting "Evolution of genes that make us human", pronounced Italian astrophysicist Massimo Capaccioli, with "Almagest to day" and Nima Rezaei with the fascinating story of evolution in diagnosis of immunological disorders.

One of the 29th finale ceremonies for the III International Pediatric Patients Paintings Festival, opened in the framework of social side events at 17:00 in the Premier Palace Hotel, ending by Introduction of IFPPP Nominees and Prize Winners, children from Iran and all over the world. The Italian host of the IFPPP 2018 was introduced, right befor everyone gathered for the festive Gala dinner by the host. 

The USERN International Congress is held within the framework of the Week of Science, initiated by the head of HOGA ending on the World Science Day for Peace and Development designated by United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). 

The third and final day of USERN Congress arrived, when everyone was speculating about the probable winners based on what had been revealed the lucky USERN laureates. There were lectures and closing speeches in the ultimate celebration of a year hard-word of organization of USERN congress and prize, in the Northern Building of the KhNMU. The program started with Karazin Kharkiv National University Rector’s Speech, Prof. Bakirov, host rector speech, Volodymyr Lesovoy, and of course Professor. Yevgen Sokol and Professor. Alla Kotvitska from Kharkiv Polytechnic and National University of Pharmacy. 

The awarding prize started with introduction of Dr. Manlio de Domineco, USERN laureate in formal sciences. While the youngest of 2017 USERN laureates missed the chance to attend the festival, Matjaz Perc, USERN laureate in social sciences received the honor on his behalf. Perc, Professor of Physics at the University of Maribor is currently enlisted as one of the world’s top 1% scientists according to ESI. With an H-index of 65 he currently directs the Complex Systems Center in Maribor. The Outstanding Referee of the Physical Review and Physical Review Letters journals and Distinguished Referee of EPL, the 38 year-old added the 2017 USERN social prize to previous accolades, including Young Scientist Award for Socio-and Econophysics in 2015. 

Matjaz Perc, USERN social laureate stated his pride of receiving the award. He later explained his filed of research as a tempt to understand human cooperation. "Human species is successful, as he has understood how to cooperate… We live better when we learn to cooperate. If we can promote cooperation and understand it better and if we make grown decision today we can make this world a better place, I hope my research contribute to this in a small way "

"I had a very good time here, not only meeting invited speakers but all the wonderful students who I had very good time together, when I was in the Kharkiv University of Pharmacy", Valentina Cauda, was the lucky USERN laureate in biological science with her "TrojaNanoHorse" to battle cancer. Her project entitled "Hybrid immune-eluding nanocrystals as smart and active theranostic weapons against cancer" was identified "the best" for the USERN biological prize among more than 21 of the shortlisted applicants in biological science, of a total 5500 applicants. 

Feeling honoured to be noted Cauda said in her prize receipt speech: "I’ve started with a chemical engineering degree [...] and today I received a prize in biology, so I think this states that I work in a field which is a very multidisciplinary field. I am trying to develop smart particles to detect cancer, this is a research work highly demanding and challenging and I hope in future we have a real and clinical solution for this. I also hope this prize with inspire with inspire all young students here to continue to work and do the best of their research"

"I never enjoyed such hospitality as I received the last two days here […]. My work is actually understanding brain connectivity and how it influences neurodevelopmental disorders of children." These we parts of Lucina Uddin acceptance speech, the 38 years old USERN Medical laureate, currently directs the Brain Connectivity and Cognition Lab at the University of Miami. Professor Uddin who also hold position as Professor of psychology in UCLA, proposed much of the same title for the USERN medical prize as her passion she described for child’s neurodevelopment: with "Brain dynamics and flexible behaviour in autism and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder"

Maria Maghdalena Titirici, was honourably introduced as the third female USERN laureate from Queen Mary University of London. Titirici who hold positions as Professor in Sustainable Materials Chemistry leads her group of young researchers at the Titirici Group. She had proposed "The design of efficient and low cost electrocatalysts catalysts without the use of critical metals" for her USERN prize application, which turned to be the best in the most competitive USERN prize field, among 51 shortlisted applicants for USERN Physical Prize. 

Nima Rezaei and Professor Yegvan Sokol from Kharki polytechnique institute got the chance to sign the 46th of USERN’s international MoU. Another MoU was also tied between Rezaei and Uddin from the Brain Connectivity and Cognition Laboratory. Finally, while the representor of Italian host of the prize was regretfully absent, Professor Capaccioli, received the USERN 2018 Hosting for Italy on behalf of Professor Giovanni Romeo, USERN congress and festival 2018 chair.

Read More about the enourmous hospitality of the Kharkiv National Medical University at the opening of USERN Congress 2018: and here

Kahrkiv Polytechnique Institute was host to the amazing talk of USERN laureate Professor. Maria Ttitirci and Professor. Daniel Pauly, along with junior talks by Larin Oleskiy, Shmatko Tetyana, Kirichenko Mykhailo, Saboura Ashkevarian and Mohammad Tavakkoli. Read More in their website:

Kharkiv National Pharmacy University hosted Professor Markus Fischer with  The evolution of vitamin B2 biosynthesis and USERN laureate Professor Valentina Cauda with The most recent evolution in theranostic utilization of nano-materials against cancer.  Amazing junior talks and poster presentation were delivered by Andriy Zagayko, Olga Filiptsova, Tsyvunin Vadim, Kabachna Iryna, Fotesko Kirill, Dorovskyi Dmytro, Roodabeh Bahramsoltani, Elnaz Rezaei Amiri, and Golnoush Sadat Mahmoudi Nezhad. You can read more in here in the National University of Pharmacy website:

Karazin National Medical University hosted renowned world astrophysicist Professor Massimo Cappacioli, along with Volodymyr  Akhmetov, Ivan Slyusarev, Maxym Malovytsia, Mahsa Keshavarz-Fathi, and Naeimeh Khoshnood as USERN junior talk and poster presenters. Realize what happend in Karazin National medical University, on November 9th in their website: USERN Laurate,

If you want to read more in Farsi, visit: and at TUMS



Want to learn more about USERN and USERN Prize? Where is better than Wikipedia to start? and

and See what Iranian National Commision of UNESCO has to say:

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