Stem Cell for All Mobile Laboratory Grabbed Interests on Second Day in Amol

9/7/2017 12:04:00 PM

USERN Junior Talks were perhaps on top news during Wednesday in Amol. Short lectures where students lecture for students to convey core of their own research when they had only ten minutes. Who would be the lucky winner of second round of USERN junior talks? 

The unique thing about USERN Summer School was the second round of USERN Junior Talks. Day-02 (September 6th) in Amol started with Professor Reza Tavakoli Moghaddam with ‘’Modern technologies in supply chain and industry’’. Now on 8:20 in the morning the multi-theme junior lectures warmed up the convention centre of the Islamic Azad University of Amoli. Postgraduate Students and juniors reported latest of their research from all over Iran and behind. Rasoul Rajaei, who later made his way to the first rank of junior talk representatives disscused new approaches in implementation of C. elegans in study of neural systems. Ladan Shahcheraghi, Zahra Rezaei, Zahra Vahedi, Tina Didari, Masoud Alirezaie and Mahdi Younesi were the next 10-minute lecturers of the UJT, while some other students got lucky enough to take part in an extra-round of "Stem-Cell-For-All Mobile Laboratory Tour", from Royan institute. Dr Samani along with Dr Moghimi and his colleague from Iran elite stem-cell research foundation Royan and their on-board laboratory arrived two days earlier at Amol with the ‘’Stem-Cell For-All Motor-Bus’’ to host at least 10 round of two-hour tour on basics of stem cell technology for students. 

Three workshops were cancelled, only to the despair of a few attendees while students got the chance to engage in the missed workshop of the Tuesday from Professor Reza Tavakkoli Moghadam, on modern technologies in mathematical models and Professor Giorgi’s fascinating pharmacokinetic of drugs in a hall full of highly interested students.  

Second day in Amol ended with USERN president’s arrival at the campus and beginning of audience voting for the best workshop and best junior talk lecturers.

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