Thanks for comming; USERN Introduction Gathering and Panel

2/20/2016 8:10:03 AM

USERN was proud to meet young companions as well as 4 of the Iranian top 1% scientists and Prof. Bahram Mobasher from university of California Riverside as lecturers in the USERN gathering and Q & A panel at Ibn Sina Hall of the school of medicine.

The meeting started with a short video clip on USERN evolution and different branches. Dr. Nima  Rezaei USERN president was the first lecturer who described in detail the philosophy, vision, mission and activities of USERN different research interest group and the HEART ( Health and Art) group including the international painting festival (IFPPP), the Dariche cultural and art festival. The first panel was conducted by Dr. Nima Rezaei , USERN president Dr. Parviz Nouroozi, Dr. Reza Tavakkoli Moghdam and Dr. Roja Rahimi. Attendees had the chance to ask their questions about the top 1% Iranian scientists’ attitude toward research and interdisciplinary collaboration, research experience and scientific excellence in the trend of scientific growth in each area of science. The meeting continued by a video clip reflecting positive feedback and friendly regard of top 1% scientists and Nobel Prize winners toward USERN and USERN Prize. The second panel was conducted by USERN executive team, Sanam Ladi Seyedian, executive director, Armin Hirbood Mobarake USERN co-founder, Ali Jaberi pour head of the IT department and where they answered multiple questions on how to create research interest groups? Whether junior students can be members of USERN and research interest groups and also about different facilities of the USERN website. 

The pre-final version of the musical artwork 

"The Sunshine in fourth month’s tear-------- Sparkle of hope" was theme song of the last video clip on USERN evolution and future perspective, which received critical reviews and audiences positive reaction. This song refers to each of the seven stages of grief a patients with an incurable disorders goes through. 

The final lecturer was Prof. Bahram Mobasher from University of California Riverside and director of various NASA projects including the COSMOSE GOODS. The Ibn Sian Hall almost refilled with students for Prof. Mobasher who gave an amazingly creative and motivating lecture on “10 Keys for a successful scientist”. He flavored his lecture with quotes form big scientists and Iranian poets which added to its unity. 

The meeting ended with a memorial photo and audiences and guests painting and signing a paint board as a memorial.  

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