The Second Anniversary of USERN and Introducing the USERN miniature Talks

1/4/2018 8:33:19 AM

USERN stepped in the 3rd year of activity, this Sunday with the resolution of New Year, 2018. The 2nd USERN anniversary was held where the 1st USERN congress took place, Qods hall of TUMS central building. 

Opening the ceremony with USERN miniature talks, with the miniature talk by news paper columnist Ehsan Rezaei with, "the joy of story'' with a harp performance, by Nazli Bakhshayesh. Professor Azarakhsh Mokri presented "boundaries of normal human being" with beautiful art performance by Dr. Mona Mirbeik. "Not to learn" was presented next, by novelist Reza Amirkhani and calligrapher, Dr. Ebrahim Olfat. Actress Shaghayegh Dehghan and Fatemeh Taati,  co-presented "Happiness" in the fourth USERN miniature talk. TV show host, Siavash Safarian Pour, and artist Sepideh Sargoli, presented "Line and Dot". Mohmmad Reza Alimardani, creator of the Dirin-Dirin- animated commercials, presented the final USERN mTalk, "the miracle of repetition" with art performance by Zohreh Bahrololomi. 

Top senior and junior research paper of USERN in 2017 was jointly bestowed to Professor Seid Mehdi Jafari and Dr. Iman Katouzian, from the Nano-encapsulation in the Food, Nutraceutical, and Pharmaceutical Industries Group (NFNPIG) interest group. The paper entitled "Nano-encapsulation as a promising approach for targeted delivery and controlled release of vitamins" was published in "Trends in Food Science and Technology" and got more than 40 citations during 18 months of online publication.

"Sustainable design of a closed-loop location-routing-inventory supply chain network under mixed uncertainty" was the title of second best senior USERN paper published by Professor Reza Tavakoli Moghaddam in "Transportation Research Part E: Logistics and Transportation Review" with 24 citations over 2017. Professor Mohammad Abdollahi took the title of third best USERN senior paper with "Pesticides: an update of human exposure and toxicity", published in "Archives of Toxicology" with an impact of 5.2.

Parham Sahandi and Sajad Bahrami were authors of next with top junior research papers in 2017. "Smart Nanostructures for Cargo Delivery: Uncaging and Activating by Light" and "Microfluidic systems for stem cell-based neural tissue engineering" were the titles of second and third USERN top junior papers in 2017.

Top USERN interest groups were introduced next: The HEART (Health and Art) the sole organizer of three IFPPP festivals, operated by Bahareh Jahandoust executed the third International Festival of Pediatric Paintings, the third round of "Let’s play again" and "Let’s read again", campaigns to distribute books and playing toys among destitute children, in 2017. The Network of Immunity in Infection, Malignancy and Autoimmunity (NIIMA) directed by Dr. Zahra Aryan won the title among the most active groups in 2017 with 40 papers published under USERN affiliation. International Otorhinolaryngology Research Association (IORA), established by Dr. Mohammad Hossein Khosravi, proudly published in "Lancet" with impact factor 47 during 2017, taking the title for highest Impact Factor of a published Journal Article in 2017. The neuroimaging network (NIN) was next before the International Network for Photo Medicine and Photo Dynamic Therapy (INPMPDT) who successfully organized the 9th World Congress of SOLA with Cooperation of USERN & WALT & NAALT World Organizations, under direction of Dr. Reza Fekrazad.

The USERN Specialized Panel “Innovation, behind the scene" was the final program. Dr. Kalantari Nejad, Dr. Karimi, Dr. Kamran Bagheri, and Dr. Farahani, were the USERN Panellists, challenging the idea, from scheme to action plan!

USERN FAKT Office, proudly recognized as the most active Iranian USERN office in 2017, was established exactly a year ago, at the Medical research and development complex of Tabriz University of Medical Sciences. One year was not a short notice for Dr. Peyman Keyhanvar and Dr. Nasrin Mohajeri, office directors and organizers, to hold high quality workshops in Microfluidics and its Application in Stem cell and Converging Technology, Introduction to NgAgo and CRISPR technology & applications in Regenerative Medicine Genome Editing and the preliminary and advanced course on GraphPad Prizm. As one of the final and last treats, USERN Tabriz Office has outdone themselves with the inauguration of the "Coffinnovation & Innovativening" startup! December 13th 2017, days before the USERN FAKT office was realized the top Iranian USERN Office. The first Start Up Weekend on Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine, or the Tabriz Stem Up, is one event worth mentioning, as USERN FAKT office proudly involved the National Council For Stem Cell Sciences And Technologies to sponsor the event. Ten novel proposals made it to the final contest, out of total forty proposals made during this three-day start up in Tabriz by local students and scientific teams from Mashhad, Isfahan, Shiraz, Yazd, Kerman, and Tehran.

USERN Basir Office was one of the first USERN Offices in Iran, inaugurated in February 7th 2017 in a ceremony held by head of the Basir Eye Health Research Center, Dr. Shojaei, and Dr. Noorizadeh, research deputy. The Second International Optics School and the Second International Congress of Basir Eye Health Research Center was perhaps one of the best and properly organized events held by the second best USERN office in 2017. Professor Ioannis Pallikaris and Professor Pablo Artal, guest speakers to the Optics school later joined USERN in a the USERN Talks 21 and 22.

USERN Isfahan Office is would rightfully take the title for the newly established active office, with successful organization of  five workshops and two publicity events during only 4 months of inauguration in July 2017. A series of four workshop in grant writing Standard Proposal Writing Workshop, Minimal Standard Format of NIMAD & NIH Proposals, Clear and Successful Scientific Writing Workshop and Grant proposal Improvement and Troubleshooting workshop is a good example of well-planned practical workshops, and a rare example in USERN offices so far. Dr. Raheleh Kafieh and Alireza Samimiat have also strived to do their best to make USERN and USERN office well-known for students in Isfahan Medical University Office, with USERN introduction stances held up during workshops and during visit of University Putra Malaysia Head Chancellor of the IUMS, December 5th 2017.

USERN office at Kharkiv National Medical University (KhNMU) was named the best foreign office in 2017 for exceptional and one-of-a-kind organization of USERN Congress 2017, Third IFPPP festival and USERN Prize Festival in 2017. A video message from KhNMU rector, Professor Veladimer Lesovoy, put end to the second USERN anniversary on December 31th 2017.

The First USERN Anniversary Dec 31st 2016:

1st USERN 2017 Gathering:,%20a%20Gathering%20of%20Talk,%20Art%20and%20Celebration

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