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6/8/2017 1:30:23 AM

USERN:Amol School of modern technologies has a perfect package deal to help you learn what you need to learn about latest advances in your field. Not long to the due date of preliminary registration on Tir 9th (July 30th). Get A Head Start On Your Application For The School By Registering With Your Abstract:

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There is a lot of Nanotechnology!

Featuring world’s four leading scientist’s from the domain of Nano, the Amol school of new technologies starts with opening lecture, development of nucleic acid biosensors from scratch in presented by Amol school guest advisor from Department of Chemistry National University of Singapore. Professor Gao Zhiqiang. Applications of nanomaterials and nanotechnology in biosensors and bioassays is the focus of professor Zhiqiang lecture and workshop in Amol. Nanoparticle synthesis and Nano drugs in cancer is presented by Iranian top Nano scientists from Tabriz, Professor Akbarzade, completed by application of these DNA biosensor is accurate diagnosis of cancer, by Professor Jahan Bakhsh Raouf. 

Nanoencapsulation-based technologies such as nanoliposomes, nanoemulsions, and nano-structured lipid carriers are a unique and novel field of investigation in the food and pharmaceutical industry with benefits, such as higher bioavailability, high shelf-stability and controlled release of active compounds. Director of a leading research group form Gorgan, travels west to present food process engineering through Nano-encapsulation.

Renewable energies and geophysics of course…. 
With a focus of global warming, the second day in Amol starts with modern technologies in developing usage of renewable energies by USERN advisor/laureate, Dr Jamshid Aghaei, and a virtual talk on addressing the issue of global warming with roadmaps in renewable energy. The executive committee reserves rights to reveal the name of the virtual lecturer! 

Climate Change

How does climate change affect our usage of water resource control? Water resources pollution and the ever-existing challenge of purification!

Dr Omid Bozorg-Haddad and Professor Mahvi, present latest advance on the field.

Mathematics give a hand to deal with Engineering!

Do not miss out math and modeling discussions in Amol. Application of nonlinear equations and decision theories on modelling is brought to you simple and straight forward by no one other than, Professor Domiri Ganji and Professor Tavakkoli-Moghaddam.

What is a school of new technologies with no words on material science?

Application of biosensors and membrane sensors is the focus of keynote lectures from Prof. Parviz Norouzi and Dr. Farnoush Faridbod

Iran’s celebrated Nano/material Scientists come with modern technologies in analytical and synthetic chemistry. Dr. Mehrorang Ghaedi and Dr. Reza Ojani are invited lectures to the first day in Amol. 

Medicine all the way from Diet to Diagnosis to Drugs…

Modern healthcare and the inseparable nature of public health. Wait no longer to register for novel approaches in primordial prevention of NCDs by Dr. Roya Kelishadi and Improve Global Life Expectancy by Dr. Maziar Moradi-Lakeh

Dr. Mohammad Abdollahi and Dr. Shekoufeh Nikfar bring to you the latest in understanding toxicology of diseases and efficacy in pharmaceutics.

Last day lectures from Dr. Nima Rezaei and Dr. Ahmad Esmaillzadeh bring to you insights in diagnosis of primary immunodeficiencies and precision nutrition for metabolic syndrome.

Submit Your Abstract, Advisor is on us!

Submit your abstract through the same page after registering your personal info. When the deadline for preliminary application ends, we’ll reach out for you to tell how well-acclaimed your project was and who you are assigned to. Engage and enjoy interactive learning from world top 1% scientists, and have promo to attend this school by submitting a summary of what you do as a project!

Don’t Need To Book Your Accommodation

We want to meet your every expectation! The registration fee is only 2,000,000 Rials all scientific programs and all services including accommodation and meals! Be sure to update your form with personal info and abstract before June 30th!

USERN:Amol Summer school builds an excellent platform for Junior:Senior interface. Do not miss the deadline!

More Information and Full Scientific Program Can be Accessed Here:

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