Third Mini World Cup: HEART, CMC, and USERN Held another Successful Event

5/5/2018 4:01:19 PM

The Third Football Mini World Cup Was Extraordinary Successful, A Sample of Collaboration, Hope and Vitality. Days to the Beginning of 21st World Cup, Nima Rezaei, Teamed Up the "Health and Art", "TUMS Directorate Council", Celebrity Football Players, and Artists for this Biannual Sport Event. 

May 1st , the front-yard of Children’s Medical Center was carpeted with artificial turf, small number of sits for the audience, press spot and everything you see in a professional stadium! This year’s contest was a special one, as girls first had the chance to play in a real field, headed and coached by Iranian professional football women, Ms. Nasrin Ardalan and MsRahmati, national team’s coach and coach of the national youth football teams. Iran’s team was presented by children, current and former patients of the Children’s Medical Centre (CMC). TUMS president, Dr. Karimi, international deputy, Dr. Kordi, former presidents. Dr. Jafari and Dr. Mansouri, and Professor. Bahadori, TUMS pioneer pathologist formed the Portugal Team. Artists and TV-show hosts formed the Morocco team and former professional football players, Nima Nakisa, Ahmad Reza Abed Zadeh, Mohammad Panjali, and several other professionals played as Spain. Girls were also from Children’s Medical Center patients and played with each other in two teams, under Ardalan and Rahmati’s guidance. 

The CMC team, AKA, Iran’s National Team, won the third mini world cup in a drenching squad of 4 consecutive plays. The event was widely covered by local media and national TV: 


What happened in the third mini-world cup:




By Farzaneh Rahmani

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