Thirty Five Applicants Fill in for USERN Jobs in 2018

1/28/2018 1:07:57 AM

USERN Member Recruitment In 2018 Took Place in Snowy Vesal St., at the Student’s Scientific Research of TUMS. USERN President, five USERN Deputies and fourteen USERN Managers, Interviewed more than 40 Candidates to Join USERN In 2018.

USERN Member Recruitment ritual began with routine introductions, USERN President on USERN initiative, its goals, vision and mission, and USERN heads of the Support and Resource Development, SRD and Scientific Research and Education, SRE, on their respected branch. Dr. Sara Hanaei, in charge as the head of SRE and Dr. Mahsa Keshavraz, in charge as the head of the SRD, and deputies in charge of communication and networking, Dr. Farnaz Delavari, resource and development, Mr. Sasan Paryad, and Human Resource Management; HRM, Dr. Arya Aminoroaya, each had 10 minutes for a brief introduction of the tasks and role profiles of their operational office. USERN deputies and managers entered separate interview rooms, for wrenching consecutive interview sessions, lasting 4 hours, while USERN President was busy, doing separate interviews with each of the 40 interviewed applicants in SSRC hall. The ceremony was organised by USERN HRM Office, as part of annual USERN member recruitment and according to the new organizational hierarchy, enacted after the USERN deputies and managers meeting January 14th, 2018.  

More than 130 applicants had signed to enter USERN executive team in 2018, 40 being shortlisted by the HRM office. The selected 35 applicants from the interview process, will be introduced to USERN deputies and managers to receive their first tasks, entry exams to be a member of the USERN family.

USERN, founded in 2015 and currently directed by Professor. Nima Rezaei, is organised into two main executive bodies, the SRE and SRD. 

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