This is Not a Pre Russia World Cup Friendly

4/16/2018 12:24:43 AM

National Football Teams are Bracing for The 21st World Cup in Less Than 3 Months, While Young Talents in Children Medical Center (CMC) Were Challenged in a Warm-Up Match Today, to Brace for the 3rd Mini-World-Cup!

During the last eight years at CMC, Dr. Nima Rezaei, Professor of allergy and immunology, has gained reputation for these three things: Primary Immunodeficiencies, USERN and Mini-World-Cup! and Here is why?

The idea of mini-world-cup dates back to the last World-Cup in Brazil, when in 2014 Iran’s national team had made a tremendous entrance to the tournament. "Kids in [children’s] medical center", were excited, not to miss anything from the new and World Cup, like every other kid in Iran and around the globe", reminds Nima Rezaei in an-over-the-phone interview with some news agency I don’t bother to ask. Rezaei who was CMC’s chief-executive and deputy-head at the time, managed to reach out for help, to Nima Nakisa and Hossein Yavari, former Iranian football legends, conceptualizing first ideas of the "Health and Art", a volunteer group in favor of children’s mental health. The "HEART" is now recognized for several other charity work, art exhibitions, and the annual international pediatric patients painting festival (IFPPP).

The Mini-World-Cup has faced its fair share of media attention and public support, hosting Iranian Minister of Health in the 2nd tournament on April 26th only two years ago. Former members of Iran’s national football team -now professional football coaches- have offered help to train and coach children’s medical center official team, AKA The Mini-Iran’s National Team! The news has even made its way to official news headlines and TV.

Back in April 23rd 2016, the CMC team played against ''CMC staff and authorities'', officials from Tehran University of Medical Sciences, including late TUMS president Dr. Jafarian himself, and a team of world-top 1% scientists! 

Perhaps you are beginning to realize the real reason for the reputation USERN President has gained! But there is more....

Nima Rezaei, coach of the CMC team, know’s the early-bird-principal very well! He has called-upon his team weeks ago, managing their first training session last Monday and their first friendly match today, April 16th in the hospital's front yard. More of these training sessions and friendlies are comming, and the final frame would be Mini-World-Cup number 3, on May 1stMini-Iran’s National Team would match against Spain (TUMS team!), Portugal (CMC staff!) and Morocco (Top Scientists!), in this Quadraple confront!


What Happened in the Second Mini-World-Cup in 2016? Read Here:

Iran Vs, Spain in Freindly Match in CMC, back in 2014:   &

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