USERN 2019 Research Week Focused on Skill building for Junior Scholars

8/29/2019 12:09:57 PM

Here are a few of our feedback from the second and by far the most successful USERN Research Week. Students enjoyed the mentorship program, the exclusive R workshops were very well received and the systematic review workshop was deemed cost-worthy among delegates.

USERN Research Week ends today, with the one and only “international book publishing workshop” by Prof. Nima Rezaei, who himself instructed three other workshops, research methodology, scientific writing and journal selection, through the hectic week. The R workshop, held for an exclusive club of motivated candidates, was another highlight of the programm, instructed by Mr. Elias Heidari, talented, young graduate from Sharif University of Technology and researcher to be at the Carnegie Mellon University. Professor. Mojtaba Sedaghat workshops on systematic review and meta-analysis received major feedback on proper engagement of the audience and interactive lectures. Dr. Mahsa Ghajazadeh undertook the tricky subject of statistics and held four of the 4-hour workshops during the USERN Summer Event.

Dr. Farnaz Delvari proposed and humbly undertook the mentorship initiative, a special feature of the 2019 Research Week with results that are yet to come. Students could opt to have a mentor for an added price who would help them through completion of their research proposal through the week and after. 

Stay tuned to USERN social media to learn more about the highlights and research output of this year’s Research Week in USERN! 

USERN 2018 Research Week:

USERN 2017 Summer Event:       

Report by: Farzaneh Rahmani

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