USERN 4th Anniversary: Stepping Strong Into A New Era

1/1/2020 5:02:18 PM

USERN 4th Anniversary: Stepping Strong Into A New Era


Many around the world are celebrating Christmas and stepping into a new decade and here in USERN we have are celebrating half a decade of scientific innovation and integrity. 


Conference Hall number 1, Children’s Medical Center, here is where more than 200 delegates and over 50 USERN executives celebrated the 4th USERN Anniversary and stepping into the 5th year of USERN activities and were it all started and contemplated in early gatherings of USERN Executive Committee five years ago.

A gathering of art and science and inspiring lectures, USERN 4th Anniversary was in ways no exception to all previous events. A thematic series of lectures were dedicated to the interaction between art and mental well-being, the history of stories, and reading, along with live art performances, and music numbers. Soroush Sehat, Iranian comedy actor, director, and script writer, Prof. Azarakhsh Mokri, renowned psychiatrist and lecturer, and Dr. Ehsan Rezaei, story teller, critic, and writer were among celebrity guest lecturers of the event. The Dal Music band performed a mixture of their signature and new songs and artists, and Master Hasan Tarzi, Dr. Mehdi Nia, Dr. Olfat, Ms. Sanaz Alinia, Ms. Fatemeh Taati, Fetmeh Emami, Zahra Aghaei, Azin Sekhavati, Ms. Sepideh Sargoli, performed live drawings, calligraphy, paintings, and handicraft. 

Soroush Sehat opened the ceremony with his lecture on the culture of reading, followed by Dr. Ehsan Rezaei who challenged the old story telling in the context of modern world and artificial intelligence. Dr. Azarkhsh Mokri gave one of his mind blowing lectures this time on how environment can overcome our genetic coding to regulate our behaviour? Dr. Hamid Reza Namazi, doctor and philosopher gave the closing lecture, on the economy of hope and maintaining hope in right situations and losing it in others.

Finally, celebrations were in order for the top USERN Advisory Board Members, USERN writers, USERN Interest Groups, USERN Junior Ambassadors, and USERN Executive Members:


Top USERN Advisory Board Members:

1. Dr. Abolfazl Akbarzadeh

2. Dr. Reza Tavakoli Moghdam


Top USERN Writers:

1. Sepideh Hamzelou

2. Roudabeh Bahram Soltani

3. Farzaneh Rahmani


Top USERN Interest Groups:

1. I-CREATE (Innovation And Creativity Research Association For Transforming Education)

2. SBART (Space Biology and Astrobiology Research Team)

3. TBRG (Tissues And Biomaterial Research Group)


Top USERN Junior Ambassadors:

1. Musa Joya – Afghanistan

2. Mujtaba Shaw – India

3. Kawthar Mohammad – Bahrain

4. Aliyu Tijani Jibril – Ghana

5. Sunny Abarikwu - Nigeria


Top USERN Executive Members:

1. Faraz Tayar

2. Mohammad Reza Shah-Jahan

3. Ehsan Keramati

4. Ms. Mahshad Naserpour

5. Dr. Farnaz Delavari – USERN Executive Director of 2019


By Farzaneh Rahmani 


3rd Anniversary – 2018



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