USERN Anniversary and Ten USERN Offices Inaugurated at Once

1/1/2017 4:01:27 PM

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The 1ST USERN anniversary was a rather quiet and private one! In a ceremony of 8, on the top 5th floor of the Building #2 in the children’s medical centre, USERN members of resource development, celebrated USERN 1st birthday, marked for the 1st USERN Advisory Board Meeting on December 31th 2015. This time last year they all were busy to coordinate the meeting with members of heterogeneous advisory board, some of whom they had never met before and whom had never gathered in one meeting together, from medicine, engineering, mathematics, basic science and else.

The celebration was not just wining and dining of the OC members, but a milestone and a record for the whole network:

Ten USERN offices, launched in nine cities in Iran, in a row!

This exceptional record was arranged with a series of SKYPE meetings with, Yazd, Ahvaz, Rasht, Amol, Kerman, Shiraz, Tehran, and Birjand.

"This was an amazing and unbelievable record, officials from international dean, educational and research offices of top universities in Iran, top officials to be avid and interested in establishing the brand name of USERN in their universities” quotes Rezaei, USERN President in 2016, and the next two years to be!

Tonight and with the New Year 2017 getting around! USERN SRD released a celebration video message on YouTube! Don’t lose this one at:

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