USERN Lab Techniques Internship 2022

2/2/2022 12:27:00 PM

The researcher's life is tied to laboratory techniques. To perform various experiments and to run various tests, there is an essential need for laboratory skills. Without the proper knowledge, one can not apply these techniques in projects and researches. These techniques are crucial for most of the experiments.

Researches have shown that students who engage in well-designed laboratory experiences develop problem-solving and critical-thinking skills, as well as gain exposure to reactions, materials, and equipment in a lab setting (Otsetov, 2020).

USERN, with its ever-inimitable and unrivalled goals, intends to hold the first internship of laboratory techniques to raise the level of scientific and practical knowledge of students and young researchers. This period of work experience would last about 9 months, with at least 30 in-person sessions including Hands-on laboratory science experiences, workshops, lab meetings, journal clubs, and visiting various reputable research centers.

Techniques supported:
•DNA & RNA Extraction
•PCR & Electrophoresis
•Cell Culture
•Western Blot
•Animal Lab Techniques
•Bioinformatics & Primer Design
•Data Analysis
•The applicant must have passed USERN Lab School Techniques or have more than 2.8 UAS.
•Background in medical, biological sciences or related majors
•Motivation letter


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