USERN Miniature Talks Bring You Close to Leading Scientists of Your Society

1/6/2018 7:13:16 AM

USERN has administered thirty lectures, thirty USERN Talks by thirty of the world top leading scientists in only two years, and now it is time for junior lecturers to present the next thirty.

It is time for you to present your USERN Talk, get the privilege of evaluation by world top 1% scientists and feel competitive alongside other contestants in the 2nd Round of USERN Miniature Talks. You might have missed the first round of USERN miniature talks, five lectures, 12 minutes each, by Reza Amir Kahni, Siavash Safarian Pour, Mohammad Reza Alimardani, Dr. Azarakhsh Mokri and Shaghayegh Dehghan, an actress, a psychiatrist, a novelist, a columnist and TV show host, a delineation from USERN prototype lecturers, world top 1% scientists.

Three rounds of USERN Junior Talks and 30 rounds of USERN Talks and iTalks, the Second Festival of USERN Miniature Talks gives you the opportunity to be seen and scored by top scientists in your area and see how good a lecturer you are among peers.

What to Do?

1. Send your abstract in one of the areas, medical, biological, social, physical or formal sciences to:

By January 16th 2017

2. Wait for your abstract to be evaluated. USERN scientific committee and board members will evaluate abstracts in their authenticity and novelty and you’ll be contacted if your abstract has passes this critical step.

3. You’ll present your 12 minute lecture in front of peers and the jury.

4- If chosen in the 1st round you’ll get the ticket to the finalists round! Running for the title, "The Best Junior mTalk Presenter of the Year"

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