USERN Prize Festival 2021

11/21/2021 5:29:37 PM

Each year on November 10th, the Worlds' Science Day for Peace and Development, the USERN prize is bestowed to young scientists in appreciation and recognition of their novel advancement or achievement in scientific education, research, or serving the humanity in five scientific fields including Formal Sciences, Physical and Chemical Sciences, Biological Sciences, Medical Sciences, and Social Sciences. The hosts of the festival were Tehran (Iran), Kharkiv (Ukraine), Reggio Calabria (Italy), Budapest (Hungary), and Iran (Tehran) in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020, respectively. During these four years, USERN has winners from 17 countries from all of the 5 continents: USA, UK, Italy, the Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium, Chile, Iran, Slovenia, Spain, Russia, Switzerland, Australia, Germany, Chins, Finland, and Canada.

This year, about 10000 elite researchers who have been the first author of the papers published in Q1 journals during 2020 and 2021 were nominated to participate in the contest. More than 300 young researchers of these nominees officially entered the evaluation level, which is performed and supervised by USERN advisory board members who all are among the top 1% scientists. The result of the evaluation was selecting the top 10 researchers in each field of science. The next round of evaluation was conducted along with public voting. More than 2000 individuals have participated in public voting and the results demonstrated the top 5 candidates in each field. The final evaluation was performed by the USERN advisory board, again and the USERN Laureates were officially announced at the closing ceremony of the 6th International USERN Congress on November 10th. As of the COVID-19 pandemic and travel restrictions, a hybrid model of the festival was considered this year, as in 2020; the USERN Laureates in Physical and Chemical Sciences, Biological Sciences, and Medical Sciences attend the festival in-person, while the general counsel of Australia received the USERN Prize on behalf of the USERN laureate in Social Sciences.


Daniel King (Australia) in Social Sciences | for: Empowering vulnerable populations to overcome unhealthy gaming habits and gaming disorder

Hasan Abolhassani (Sweden) in Medical Sciences | for: Integrative Multi-Omics Analysis of Unsolved Common Variable Immunodeficiency

Federico Bella (Italy) in Biological Sciences | for: From air to fertilizers: zero-impact agriculture of the future

Minghao Yu (Germany) in Physical and Chemical Sciences | for: Developing sustainable energy storage devices with resource-abundant raw materials

Xudong Zhao (China) in Formal Sciences | for: Control synthesis of switched systems

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