USERN Recruits New Executives for 2019

1/18/2019 4:29:45 PM

Launching A Campaign Of Member Recruitment, Gathering And Scrutinizing Resume, And Interviewing Applicants Who Wish To Join The USERN Executive Team, Has Become A Routine In Annual USERN Activities. This Year, 32 Out Of 80 Applicants Were Invited For Interview With USERN Deputies and Consultants.

Launching a campaign of member recruitment, gathering resume, scrutinizing them and interviewing applicants who wish to join the USERN executive team, has become a routine in USERN activities each January. This year 32 out of 80 applicants were invited for live interview with USERN deputies and consultants, Thursday January 17th in USERN office at the students scientific research center in TUMS.

USERN deputies, consultants and USERN president gathered in the students scientific research center in Vesal St. yesterday on January 19th to interview 32 applicants in five stations, whom had been meticulously chosen from more than 80 candidate who filled up to join USERN team for 2019.

"The diversity of the applicants, their variety of backgrounds and skills and their familiarity with USERN and [its] goals were noteworthy to me", says USERN President, Nima Rezaei.

The applicants were interviewed systematically by USERN deputies and consultants in Members, Advisory board, Interest groups, Offices, Advertisement and Events affairs. The interviews consisted of verification of applicants’ abilities and resume and identifying one’s personal interest in joining any of the USERN executive branches.

The applicants will be notified on the final results through emails from USERN executive director.

By Farzaneh Rahmani

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