USERN Research Week 2020

8/11/2020 6:23:26 PM

Coming along with various scientific events of USERN in 2020, we are organizing a rich educational course for instructing the fundamentals of basic and advanced research as "USERN Research Week". 

This event is organized for the 3rd round since 2018, which was highly welcomed by senior and junior participants.

Juniors, especially students, can benefit the most in this educational course. A special discount has been considered for them as well.

Workshop Program of this week is as follow:

  • Saturday (September 12th); Scientific Writing by Prof.Nima Rezaei
  • Sunday (September 13th); Submission & Peer Reviewing of Assignments by Prof.Nima Rezaei
  • Monday (September 14th);Data Analysis in SPSS by Dr Sara Hanaei
  • Tuesday (September 15th); Systematic Review by Dr Sara Hanaei
  • Wednesday (September 16th); Meta-analysis by Dr Sara Hanaei
  • Thursday (September 17th); Publishing Academic Books with International Publishers by Prof. Nima Rezaei

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Registration Fees and Special Discounts

  • In-Person workshops:

ü  Whole package: 600,000 Tomans for students and 720,000 Tomans for non-students

ü  Each single workshop: 120,000 Tomans for students and 150,000 Tomans for non-students

  • Virtual Workshops:

ü  Whole package: 400,000 Tomans for students and 500,000 Tomans for non-students

- Each single workshop: 80,000 Tomans for students and 100,000 Tomans for non-students

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