USERN is Celebrating the Third USERN Anniversary in a Whole New Way

12/5/2018 11:18:16 PM

With the Joint performance of USERN mTalk finalists, the HEART Band Debut Performance and Introduction of USERN Junior Ambassadors for 2019, USERN 3rd Anniversary is More than a Celebration! Register for the USERN Celebration of 3rd Anniversary, HEART Music Band Debut Performance and USERN Miniature Talk Finals, All in One Ceremony!

USERN mTalks have been a regular and a mainstay in USERN scientific events throughout 2018. First introduced at the 2nd USERN anniversary with mTalks by senior lecturers, celebrities and artists, "miniature talks" were born as brand for the 6-minute thematic lectures delivered by junior scholars, and occasionally by experts in the field. Six finalists have survived the breath-taking contests, among more than 200 applicants and about 50 rivals, and throughout six rounds of mTalks in 2018. The ultimate performance is a symphony of lectures, intervened by piano and art performances, following a common element: connection. USERN scientific deputy is optimistic that the mTalk finals would create a never before seen complexion of science and art on 3rd USERN anniversary, on January 1st 2018. USERN Senior mTalk speakers who have already finalized their topic to join USERN on January 1st are literally scientific celebrities of our time:

1. Dr. Hamidreza Namazi, Medical Ethics expert will present: Cosmopolitanism 

2. Dr. Farzad Goli, hypnotherapist and psychologist will present: Bioenergy Economy

3. Dr. Alireza Monajemi, will present: Phorensis 

and the list is growing...

As a regular of these days, the HEAET band is working hard alongside the "Dal Band" who have agreed to mentor and co-perform with them in the USERN event on January 1st. The HEART band’s debut performance at the USERN anniversary is special in its own way, as the HEART has never orchestrated an independent music performance featuring only members of the health and art group, notwithstanding the first ever collaboration of HEART with a professional music band. 

USERN Junior Ambassadors are invited as special guests to the ceremony, to be introduced for a 1-year term as USERN representatives to extend USERN publicity and goals among their nations. UJAs are official members of USERN Executive Committee and were selected from potential applicant under direct influence of USERN president.

Introduction of top USERN offices and interest groups in 2018 would officiate the final programs of USERN 3rd Anniversary on January 1st

Register for the 3rd USERN Annual Event on Jan 1st here:

If you are a member of any of USERN interest groups or USERN offices, contact the managing director or funder to learn about special discounts for special members!

By Farzaneh Rahmani

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