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Major: Engineering

Anet Režek Jambrak, Associate professor, was born on 26 December 1980. in Zagreb. She graduated from the Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology of the University of Zagreb in 2002. and in year 2008. she defended her doctoral dissertation (thesis) titled "Influence of Ultrasound on Physical and Functional Properties of Whey Protein" She was employed at the same faculty as a young researcher (junior assistant) in 2003 in Department of Food Engineering, Laboratory for Food Process Engineering. She became Associate professor (habilitated) in 2009 in the scientific field of Biotechnical Science, Food Technology. In 2010. she became a senior research associate. According to the decisions of the Biomedical Sciences Committee, she was titled Scientific Research Officer on 18 January 2011, and in the position of Scientific Advisor (permanent title) on 24.11.2017. She became Associate professor in 2013 at the same Faculty. Since 2003 he has been participating in undergraduate, undergraduate and graduate education modules: Physical Properties of Complex Food Systems, Food process engineering, Processes for Food Conservation, Processes for Food Preparation and Novel Food. She has been participating in postgraduate teaching since 2014. In 2017 she introduced the English language module titled "Innovative Non-Thermal and Thermal Food Processing Techniques" and a module "Sustainable Food Processing Techniques and Agro-Food Byproducts". Under her mentorship, 19 BSc, 16 MSc thesis were defended and she was co-mentor of two doctoral dissertations. She also has strong international collaboration with renowned scientists. She was trained abroad in 2005. at the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences at Coventry University, UK through the scholarship "British scholarship trust" and in 2009. at the University of Avignon, France, as a invited lecturer and researcher in the field of "green" ultrasound and microwave extractions.

In the period from 2007. Anet Režek Jambrak has published over 80 significant scientific papers, published in top scientific journals with high impact factors (citation more than 1100, h-index 18). She is also a co-author of 10 chapters in scientific books, most of which are renowned world publishers Elsevier, Springer, Wiley-Blackwell and Nova Science Publisher. Papers and chapters in the book are dealing with research and application of the results of scientific-research work in the field of non-thermal and advanced heat processing in food processing. She is also a member of the editorial board in 19 international, and associate editor in 2 international scientific journals. She is the winner of many awards and acknowledgments, most notably the 2016. Young Scientist Award from the International Union of Food Science and Technology (IUFOST). In 2011. she received award for Young Scientist "Vera Johanides" from Croatian Academy of Engineering and 2009. State Prize for Science for Young Scientists awarded by the Parliament of the Republic of Croatia and the Government of the Republic of Croatia. Since 2016. she is a member of the International Academy of Food Science and Technology (IAFST) - Early Career Scientist.

2012-2016 Management Committee COST projekta „European network for

development of electroporation-based technologies and treatments“, Acronym –

EP4Bio2Med – TD1104

2012-2016 Management Committee COST projekta „A European Network For Mitigating

Bacterial Colonisation and Persistence On Foods and Food Processing Environments”

COST Action FA1202

20122013 Nutritional centre of excellence (IPA41., (predavač)

2015-2019 Management Committee COST projekta „Network on technology-critical elements - from

environmental processes to human health threats” COST Action TD1407

2015-2019 Management Committee COST projekta „Mathematics for industry network (MI-NET)”

COST Action TD1409

2015-2019 Management Committee COST projekta „European network for algal-bioproducts


2015-2019 Management Committee COST projekta „A European Network for Foodborne Parasites

(Euro-FBP)” FA COST Action FA1408

2014.–2020 Opremanje poluindustrijskog praktikuma za razvoj novih prehrambenih

tehnologija-˝Priprema zalihe infrastrukturnih projekta za EFRR 2014.–2020., Europski

fond za regionalni razvoj

2016-2020 Mathematical and Computer Science Methods for Food Science and Industry CA 15118

Zamjenik člana Management Committee COST projekt

2016-2020 European Network on NMR Relaxometry, CA15209

Management Committee COST projekt



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