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Major: Immunology

Field: Infectious diseases

Jean-Marc Cavaillon (Dr.Sc. 1980, University of Paris VI) was professor at Institut Pasteur (Paris) and head of the Unit "Cytokines & Inflammation" (2001-2017). He is now honorary professor, and scientifc officer of the French National Research Agency (ANR) in charge of the antibioresistance priority research program.

At Institut Pasteur, he has been Director of "General Immunology Course" (1997-2002), Scientific Director of "Euroconferences" (2002-2006), and director of the Department "Infection and Epidemiology (2006-2009). He is co-director of the course "Innate immunity and infectious Diseases".

He has been President (1998 – 2000) of the "International Endotoxin Society" (now "International Endotoxin and Innate Immunity Society") and of the "European Shock Society" (2016-2018)

He was Senior Associate Editor (Europe) of "Shock" and member of the Editorial Boards of "Innate Immunity", "European Cytokine Network”, "Journal of Infectious Diseases", "American Journal of Surgery", "The Open Critical Care Medicine Journal", "The Open Immunology Journal", "Journal of Medical Sciences" (Taiwan), Jpurnal of Reanimatology (Russia), “Romanian Archives of Microbiology and Immunology”, "International Journal of Inflammation", Frontiers in Immunology, scientific Reports and Journal of Intensive Medicine. He has been Associate-Editor of "Cytokine" (2002-2009).

He has been expert for numerous research agencies (Germany, Belgium, Canada, Nederlands, UK, Ireland, Switzerland, Denmark, Italy, Czech Republic, Singapore).

He has been teaching innate immunty in French Universities and abroad (Chile, Brazil, Mexico, Thailand, China, Lebanon, Uruguay, Romania, Hong-Kong, Algeria, South-Korea, Italy, Estonia, Bulgaria, Colombia, Peru, Sweden and Canada).

Prof. Jean-Marc Cavaillon has published 170 scientific articles, over 109 reviews and 59 chapters in books on infection, innate immunity and septic shock (h-index = 61). He was the author of the first book in French on cytokines (1993). He is also the co-author of books: "Sepsis and non-infectious inflammation: from biology to critical care" (2008); "Inflammation from molecular and cellular mechanisms to the clinic" (2018); and "The saving flame, once upon a time inflammation" (2017, French).


1980 Doctorat ès-Sciences (Dr.Sc. Immunology) – University Paris VI
1977 Doctorat de 3e cycle (PhD, Immunology) – University Paris VII
1975 Master of Immunology – Institut Pasteur

Position and employment:

2013-present  Scientific Advisor within the Scientific Council of Institut Pasteur du Maroc (Casablanca)
2012-2015 President of the Scientific Evaluation Committee of the Scientists of Institut Pasteur
2008-present Professor (Institut Pasteur)
2006-2009 Director of the Department “Infection and Epidemiology” (Institut Pasteur)
2001-present Head of Unit “Cytokines & Inflammation” (Institut Pasteur)
1999-2008 Scientific advisor – Scientific Council of the Cantacuzino Inst. (Bucharest)
1991-2007 Associate-Professor (Inst. Pasteur)
1984-1990 Assistant-Professor (Inst. Pasteur)
1993 Sabbatical term at the New England Medical Center, Boston, USA
1981-1983 Assistant (Inst. Pasteur)
1979-1980 Fellow of the Roux Foundation (Inst. Pasteur)
1977-1979 Fellow of the Medical Reasearch Council of Canada (University of Toronto)
1976-1977 Fellow of the Roux Foundation (Inst. Pasteur)

Teaching Activities:

2017  Co-director Course “Innate Immunity and Infectious Diseases” (Inst. Pasteur)
1997-2002 Director Course “General Immunology and Immunophysiology of Infections” (Inst. Pasteur)
1994-1997 Deputy-Director of the course “General Immunology” (Institut Pasteur)
1987-1994 Head of Praticals works of the course “General Immunology” (Institut Pasteur)
1992–present  Numerous courses given in French Universities and abroad (Chile, Brazil, Mexico, Thailand, China, Lebanon, Uruguay, Romania, Hong-Kong, Algeria, South-Korea, Italy, Estonia, Bulgaria, Colombia, Peru)

Journal Editorial Boards (member):

2016-Present    “Scientific Reports”; General Reanimatology (Russia)
2015-present    “Frontiers in Immunology” (Molecular Innate Immunity)
2014-Present    Associate-Editor (Europe) “Shock”
2013-present    “Open Access Inflammation”                                                                              2011-present    “World Journal of Experimental Medicine”
2010-present    “Romanian Archives of Microbiology and Immunology”
2009-present    “International Journal of Inflammation”
2009-present    “Journal of Medical Sciences” (Taiwan)
2007-present    “The Open Immunology Journal”
2007-present    “The Open Critical Care Medicine Journal”
2006-present    “American Journal of Surgery”
2004-present    “Journal of Infectious Diseases”
2002-2009        Associate-Editor of “Cytokine”
2002-present   “European Cytokine Network”
1999-present   “Shock”
1994-present   “Innate Immunity” (former Journal of Endotoxin Research)

Other experience and professional membership
2016-2017   President of the European Shock Society
2002-2006 Director of the “Euroconférences” (Institut Pasteur)
1998-2000 President of the “International Endotoxin and Innate Immunity Society”


162 peer-reviewed publications, 92 reviews, 50 chapters in books, and three books. H index = 55

International invited lectures:

n = 90 since 2000

Prizes and awards:

2014      Honorary Lifetime Membership (International Endotoxin and Innate Immunity Society)
2013      Knight of the Legion of Honor (France)
2012      Sheldon Greisman Award (International Endotoxin and Innate Immunity Society
2008      Cátedra “Dr. Jesús Kumate Rodríguez” (University of Guadalajara, Mexico)
1990      Prix “Allergie 2000” (Schering-Plough)

Most cited publications:

Septic shock
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Successful cardiopulmonary resuscitation after cardiac arrest as a “sepsis-like” syndrome
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Dysregulation of in vitro cytokine production by monocytes during sepsis.
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Bench-to-bedside review: endotoxin tolerance as a model of leukocyte reprogramming in sepsis
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Cytokines and macrophages
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Cytokine cascade in sepsis
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