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Major: Psychiatry/Psychology

Field: Clinical

He is Full Professor of Psychiatry and Head of the Department of Neuroscience and Behavioral Sciences at the FMRP of the University of São Paulo, coordinator of the services of: (i) Anxiety; (ii) Psychogeriatrics and; (iii) HC Mental Health Consultant at FMRP-USP.

He is a research productivity researcher at CNPq (1A). Graduated in Medicine from the Federal University of Paraná (1994), medical residency at the Hospital das Clínicas, Faculty of Medicine, USP-RP (1995-1998). He completed a doctorate in Medicine (Mental Health) from the FMRP of the University of São Paulo (2001).

Postdoctoral at the London Institute of Psychiatry (London University, Kings College) in the area of ​​neuroimaging (2002-2003).

He was Honorary Professor at the Institute of Psychiatry of London, University of London until 2010. He has experience in the field of Psychiatry, with an emphasis on neuroimaging and psychopharmacology, working mainly on the following themes: cannabinoids, social anxiety, psychiatry assessment instruments and psychiatric consultation.


Neuroimaging in psychiatry and neuroscience

Rating scales in psychiatry

Mechanisms of action of cannabinoids



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