Nobel Laureate Abel Laureate Advisory Board Member USERN President USERN Policy Making Council USERN Manager USERN Deputy Junior Ambassador

Major: Clinical Medicine

Field: Nephrology

Personal Statement

It is my goal to campaign and fight for equal health care service and practice in nephrology throughout Europe in order to further decrease the incidence of renal failure. This requires specific tasks and promotion of education of ordinary people in the society and their leaders, patients and general practitioners in Central and Eastern Europe. I will fight for more support of PhD education with emphasis on clinical and basic research, prevention, rehabilitation and holistic approach in patient care which all will contribute to the harmonization of health care. I would stress extension of cooperation within the region and develop sub-regional activities considering cultural, historical and traditional backgrounds. I would address the health issues of Gypsies, the largest European disadvantaged minority. They have been shown to have a shorter life expectancy and need earlier renal replacement therapy with poor outcome. I will fight for better kidney health for everyone and everywhere!


Past rector of Semmelweis University
Professor of Pathophysiology (1991-)
Director, International Nephrology Research and Training Center, Institute of Pathophysiology, Semmelweis University, Budapest (1994-)
Head of PhD School of Medical Sciences, Semmelweis University (2005-)
Professor of Tehran University of Medical Sciencies (2015-)

Memberhips, Awards, Responsibilities, selected:

- Honorary Doctor of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy Tirgu-Mures,
- Honorary Member of Polish Nephrological Society,
- Council member of ISN, IFKF, Hungarian Physiol. Soc., Hungarian Hypertension Soc., Hungarian Nephrol. Soc.
- Széchenyi Award, highest scientific award of Hungarian Republic
- Khwarizmi International Award, Iranian Islamic Republic
- For Nationalities Award of Hungarian Republic,
- Medal of Tohoku Medical Society, Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan,
- Jendrassik, Korányi, Ipolyi etc. Awards
- President of the Worldwide Hungarian Medical Academy;
- Treasurer of the International Society for Pathophysiology;
- Founder and President of the Hungarian Kidney Foundation
- Founder and President of Budapest Nephrology School
- Founder of Roma Medical Education Program
- Past guest researcher/professor of Bergen, Birmingham, Harvard, Montpellier, Heidelberg, Tulane Universities.

Teaching Activity:

Pathophysiology and nephrology, graduate and postgraduate levels


Handbook 4, Monography 1, Scientific Chapters 55, Textbook Chapters 22, Articles 173, Patent 2
Impact Factor 367.7, number of citations 3481, Hirsch-index 32



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