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Major: Clinical Medicine

Field: Oncology

Masakazu Toi graduated in 1982 from Hiroshima University School of Medicine with his Medical Doctorate and in 1988 with his PhD. He studied at the Institute of Molecular Medicine at Oxford University, UK, from 1990 to 1992. In 2007, Professor Toi was appointed Professor of Breast Surgery at the Graduate School of Medicine, Kyoto University, Japan, and Director of the Breast Cancer Unit, Kyoto University Hospital.
Professor Toi is passionate in his study of cancer, particularly breast cancer biology and treatment. He is keen on research that translates basic science into clinical study. He is involved in various innovative research projects on the development of new anticancer diagnostics and therapeutics including biomarkers, novel imaging and antibody treatment. He is engaged in clinical trials mainly associated with breast cancer treatment and research. He has a strong interest in the tumour microenvironment such as angiogenesis and stromal reactions.
Professor Toi belongs to various associations and is a member of several leading academic organizations. He serves as an editorial board member of multiple academic journals and has authored or co-authored over 300 articles.

Recent Publications

1.Toi M, Imoto S, Ishida T, Ito Y, Iwata H, Masuda N, Mukai H, Saji S, Shimizu A, Ikeda T, Haga H, Saeki T, Aogi K, Sugie T, Ueno T, Kinoshita T, Kai Y, Kitada M, Sato Y, Jimbo K, Sato N, Ishiguro H, Takada M, Ohashi Y, Ohno S. Adjuvant S-1 plus endocrine therapy for oestrogen receptor-positive, HER2-negative, primary breast cancer: a multicentre, open-label, randomised, controlled, phase 3 trial. Lancet Oncol. 2021 Jan;22(1):74-84.

2.Takada M, Toi M. Neoadjuvant treatment for HER2-positive breast cancer.Chin Clin Oncol. 2020 Jun;9(3):32. doi: 10.21037/cco-20-123. Epub 2020 Jun 3.

3.Kawashima M, Bensaad K, Zois CE, Barberis A, Bridges E, Wigfield S, Lagerholm C, Dmitriev RI, Tokiwa M, Toi M, Papkovsky DB, Buffa FM, Harris AL. Disruption of hypoxia-inducible fatty acid  binding protein 7 induces beige fat-like differentiation and thermogenesis in breast cancer cells Cancer Metab. 2020 Jul 6;8:13. doi: 10.1186/s40170-020-00219-4. eCollection 2020.

4.Kawaguchi K, Sakurai M, Yamamoto Y, Suzuki E, Tsuda M, Kataoka TR, Hirata M, Nishie M, Nojiri T, Kumazoe M, Saito K, Toi M. Alteration of specific cytokine expression patterns in patients with breast cancer.Sci Rep. 2019 Feb 27;9(1):2924. doi: 10.1038/s41598-019-39476-9.

5.Matsumoto Y, Asao Y, Sekiguchi H, Yoshikawa A, Ishii T, Nagae KI, Kobayashi S, Tsuge I, Saito S, Takada M, Ishida Y, Kataoka M, Sakurai T, Yagi T, Kabashima K, Suzuki S, Togashi K, Shiina T, Toi M. Visualising peripheral arterioles andvenules through high-resolution and large-area photoacoustic imaging. Sci Rep. 2018 Oct 8;8(1):14930.


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