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Major: Clinical Medicine

Field: Oncology

Prof. Tirelli is among the first Top Italian Scientists (http://www.topitalianscientists.org/top_italian_scientists.aspx) by Plos Biology magazine on August 12, 2019, with an H index of 51. He is first in the ranking of full professors, directors and chief physicians, for scientific and biomedical production related to universities and IRCCS (Scientific Institutes of Hospitalization and Care) of the Northeast, based on the number of publications, the number of citations, and the quantity/quality ratio meter (H index) in 2007 and 2012. He is the author, up to May 2017, of 580 scientific publications published in major national and international medical journals, reviewed in PubMed (www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov, the database of the National Institute of Health of the USA), and numerous chapters on medical treatises (Neoplastic Disease in J Cohen, WG Powerly and SM Opal: Infectious Diseases - 2010 - 3rd edition, Ed. Mosby Elsevier) and three chapters on the main volume of Italian oncology, Bonadonna Ed. 2007, on tumors in the elderly, tumors and infectious agents, and cancer-related fatigue.

He is the winner of the "Premio Natale Friulano" award for his high scientific knowledge (Buja, Udine, 7 December 2019).

On November 19, 2016 in Udine, he was awarded by the A.D.O. FVG Onlus (Association of Organ Donors) the "Golden Hourglass 2016" award, for his commitment to the study of tumors in organ transplantation, with the establishment of the study group GIOTTO (Italian Oncological Cancer in Organ Transplantation Group) and a dedicated clinic, directed by Dr. Emanuela Vaccher, within the Department of Medical Oncology of the National Cancer Institute of Aviano.

He was awarded the Stralignano International Prize, on 5 August 2016 in Lignano Sabbiadoro, in recognition of the "very important activity he is carrying out in the international field".

He is the winner of the PierCamillo Beccaria Prize 2009, awarded by the Angela Serra Association for cancer research of Modena, for "the great contribution made to the development of therapies for cancer in the elderly and for the prestigious research in the field of virus-associated cancers ".

He was awarded the Friul Tomorrow 2018 Committee Prize, on 27 February 2014 in Povoletto - Udine - by the Friul Tomorrow 2018 Committee, AIDO, National Consumer Union, Euretica and Club of Udine: recognition as a highly favorable educational model, especially for young people, for the ethics and loyalty that characterize his activities, values that he carries with him and constantly disseminates.

He is the winner of the IV Prize of the Italian Television Festival for medical-scientific communication (29 May 2003).

Main areas of research:

1 - Study of the problems of tumors in the elderly - He was the first, at the end of the 70s, not just in Italy, to study and conduct research on this problem, especially from the therapeutic point of view, which involves about 50% of all cancers, and to publish the first work of international medical literature on the therapy of a group of tumors (malignant lymphomas) in the elderly (Cancer 54, 3:393-396, 1984) and the first European randomized trial of lymphomas in the elderly (EORTC - J Clin Oncol 6:1708-1713, 1988). Today, in addition to the Institute of Aviano - which has set up a clinic specifically for elderly cancer patients (coordinated by Dr. Lucia Fratino), he is active in research in this field also in the transplantation of marrow in the elderly (responsible Dr. Mariagrazia Michieli) - many other Italian and foreign research institutes, including the National Cancer Institute of Bethesda, have placed this issue at the center of attention of epidemiologists, basic researchers and clinicians. Moreover, within the Italian Lymphoma Foundation (FIL), Dr. Michele Spina is the head of Italian research on lymphomas in the elderly.

2 - Study of tumors in AIDS - Since the beginning of the AIDS epidemic, he has carried out research on tumors in the AIDS field in Italy and in Europe, leading to the establishment in 1986 of an Italian clinical group, GICAT, of which he is the scientific coordinator and which has the largest number of cases at international level on this subject, and of a European research group first within the EORTC (AIDS and Tumors Study Group) and then within the GECAT group (Group of European Cooperation on AIDS and Tumors) of which he is also scientific coordinator. Today, thanks to the considerable improvements in HIV therapy (coordinated by Dr. Emanuela Vaccher), tumors in subjects with HIV/AIDS infection are treated in the same way as in other patients, hospitalized in the Division of Medical Oncology A of the National Cancer Institute of Aviano together with other patients and included in treatments that include, for example, bone marrow transplantation (responsible Dr. Mariagrazia Michieli), which is not only feasible but has led to the recovery of patients who until recently and even today in other areas of the country and the world die because they are not treated properly.
He is President of the Friuli Venezia Giulia section of ANLAIDS Onlus (National Association against AIDS www.anlaids.it).

3 - Study of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - He participated, as the only Italian representative, in the definition of the CFS case at the CDC in Atlanta, which led to the publication in 1994 of the definition of the case which is still active today (Fukuda K, et al, Ann Intern Med 121:953-959, 1994). He described for the first time in Italy a series of patients affected by CFS (Tirelli U, et al, Arch Intern Med 153:116-120, 1993 and Tirelli U, et al, Scand J Immunol 40:601-608, 1994) and lately a series of cancer-related fatigue patients (Tavio M, et al, Int J Oncol 21:1093-1099, 2002). In Italy today there are 4 associations of patients affected by CFS. The diffusion of information on CFS in Italy is mainly thanks to Maurizio Costanzo who, through his mythical TV program "Maurizio Costanzo Show", has allowed me to speak many times about this pathology, also sharing the experience of patients.
The problem of cancer-related fatigue is largely underestimated in the oncological environment, particularly in cured patients who had lymphomas and breast cancer.
He was the promoter in 1991 of the CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) Italian Association - Onlus, the first association of patients with CFS (www.stanchezzacronica.it), now there are four in Italy.
He is a member of ESME - European Society for CFS/ME (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Myalgic Encephalomyelitis), for the study and research on CFS/ME, based in Belgium www.esme-eu.com.

4 - Study of the relations between the environment and cancer - As vice-president of the Associazione Galileo 2001 - Association for the freedom and dignity of Science, made up of the most important scientists, in particular Italian physicists - he studies the relations between health and the environment, in particular: pollution (external and internal to the environment), GMOs, nuclear pollution, climate change, electromagnetic waves, depleted uranium, incinerators, etc., actively participating in scientific conferences on the subject and in commissions set up within the Ministries.
He has been a member of the Scientific Committee of SOGIN SpA (Nuclear Plant Management Company).

5 - Study of long-term cancer patients - In 1994 he created the first national association of cancer long-term and healed patients (ANGOLO), on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the opening of the CRO (Oncologic Reference Center) in Aviano and was president in 2002 of AIMaC (Italian Association of Cancer Sick, relatives and friends) of Prof. Francesco De Lorenzo. He created at the CRO of Aviano the first "clinic of the cured" or O.RA (Rehabilitative Oncology) in Italy, funded by a research project of the Ministry of Health in collaboration with Dr. Maria Antonietta Annunziata, Director of the PsychoOncology Service of the CRO of Aviano. A research project funded by the Ministry of Health on the long-term oncohaematological diseases, for which Dr. Michele Spina is responsible, is currently underway.

6 - Study of the cost of drugs and their periodic lack (shortage) - First on the national level, he has raised the problem of the exaggerated cost of biological drugs (Tirelli U et al, Lancet Oncol 7:2-3, 2006), setting up a permanent commission at the CRO of Aviano to assess the appropriateness of use and the reasonableness and common sense for prescribers, coordinated by Dr. Michele Spina. On the other hand, he denounced the periodic shortage of cheap and unprofitable drugs for the companies that produce them, with serious harm to patients.

7 - Study of tumors in solid organ transplant patients - The new study group GIOTTO, Gruppo Italiano Oncologico Tumori nei Trapiantati di Organo (Cancer in Organ Transplant Italian Oncological Group), has recently been established to study tumors in patients receiving organ transplants (liver, kidney, heart) and who are immunodepressed because of anti-rejection therapy. He is the coordinator of the group together with Prof. Antonio Pinna, Director of the General Surgery and Transplantation Unit at Policlinico S. Orsola in Bologna. Scientific secretary of the group is Dr. Emanuela Vaccher, Head of the SOSI (Simple Intracomplex Operating Structure) of Infectious Diseases at the Cancer Institute of Aviano, who actively follows these patients.

8 - Study of predictive medicine - which is the most direct consequence of our knowledge of the human genome, through the collaboration with My Genomics, Republic of San Marino, with a genotest on saliva, to discover genetic alterations in DNA that could be useful to identify subjects at risk for cancer and other diseases (breast, ovary, rectal colon, prostate, chronic fatigue, heart disease, nutrigenomics) and thus implement a series of prevention and early diagnosis measures that can lead to a diagnosis of oncological and non-cancer disease at an early stage and therefore much better curable or even avoidable with a series of interventions such as increasing the frequency of checks, starting at an early age, adopting healthy lifestyles.

9 - Study of oxygen ozone therapy - as a treatment of various forms of chronic asthenia, in particular those of chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, multiple chemical sensitivity, cancer-related fatigue, rheumatological diseases, arthrosis and lumbar and cervical hernias, in association with conventional treatments and according to the guidelines of the Italian Society of Oxygen Ozone Therapy (SIOOT) of which he is a member of the Scientific Committee. The results obtained in these pathologies are on the whole excellent. In fact, ozone leads to an improvement in brain microcirculation, increased attention, improved fatigue/tiredness, improved cognitive activities and memory, and decreased neuromuscular spasticity and pain.

The relationship between environment and health is one of his main interests: he was co-founder in 2001 of the Scientific Association Galileo 2001 - Association for the freedom and dignity of Science www.galileo2001.it .

He has been a professor, since 2017, in the Master's Degree on Oxygen Ozone Therapy at the University of Pavia.

He is a member of the Scientific Technical Committee (STC) of the Oncological Reference Centre (CRO) of Aviano, National Cancer Institute.

He is a member of the Scientific Committee of the CRO Aviano Onlus Foundation (www.fondazionecro.org).

He is a member of the Scientific Committee in support of electronic cigarettes of the Italian Anti-Smoking League (www.liaf-onlus.org).

He is a member of the Scientific Committee of SIOOT (Italian Society of Oxygen-Ozone Therapy - www.ossigenoozono.it).

He has been appointed to the Scientific Board of AIN (Italian Nuclear Association - www.assonucleare.it).

He has been appointed Professor of Medical Oncology at the Doctorate in Surgery, Department of Surgery Pietro Valdoni, University of Rome "La Sapienza".

He is a member of the Executive and Scientific Board of "Amici di Ale" - Onlus www.amicidiale.it, a voluntary association for the support of the families of patients in persistent vegetative state and for the construction of an Awakening House in Pordenone.

He was the promoter of FLAI, an association of patients with lymphoma, which was founded in 2008 and to which hundreds of healed patients with lymphoma belong, and which then joined the association La lampada di Aladino - Onlus (www.lampada-aladino.it).

In the past, it has been a member of the National Oncological Commission, appointed by the Minister of Health.

He has been a member of the National AIDS Commission in the past, for a number of times, by appointment of the Minister of Health.

He is a member of numerous national and international scientific societies, including the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO), the American Society of Hematology (ASH), the International Immunocompromised Host Society, and is a member of the Scientific Committee and peer reviewer of numerous international scientific journals, including Hematological Oncology, Cancer and Aging, Journal of Cancer Survivorship. He is a member of the Editorial Board of the scientific journals Cancer Therapy, Chemotherapy Research and Practice, TheScientificWorldJOURNAL, Ozone Therapy.

He is member of the Scientific Committee of AIOTE (Italian Association for Oncology of the Third Age and School of Geriatric Oncology - Onlus).

He is a member of the Board of Directors of the International Institute of Human Rights Studies.

He is an honorary member of the International Union Against Cancer (UICC).

He is a member of the Task Force of the EORTC (European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer) - Cancer in the elderly.

He is a member of the National Academy of Medicine for Medical Oncology (AIOM).

He is a lecturer for the ESMO (European Society of Medical Oncology) of the Educational Committee for Cancer in the Elderly.

He is Scientific Director and President of P.R.I.S.M.A. Scientific Committee. (International Research Project Antalgic Medicine Studies) - Trieste.

He is Honorary President of the Italian Committee for the Control of Paranormal Claims (CICAP) - Emilia-Romagna Section.

He has been a consultant to the Parliamentary Committee of Inquiry on depleted uranium (see text and hearing).

He has been an honorary commander of the 31st Aerospace Medicine Squadron (31 AMDS) of the 31st Fighter Wing of the USAF Base of Aviano, Pordenone.

He is a registered journalist ("pubblicista" section of the registry) of Friuli-Venezia Giulia.

He is an Aviano Collocated Club Honorary Member - United States Air Force Clubs

Main areas of research and clinical activities are:

lung cancers;
urologic tumors (in particular cancer of the prostate, bladder and kidney);

tumors of the head and neck (in particular of the oral cavity, larynx and oesophagus);
breast cancer and gastro-intestinal tract (including liver and pancreas);
blood tumors (in particular lymphomas, leukemias and myelomas);
new cancer drugs (in particular smart drugs and biological treatments);
tumors of the elderly (in particular lymphomas, breast, lung, stomach and colon-rectum, kidney, bladder and prostate, head and neck cancers);
virus-related tumors (in particular HIV, hepatitis viruses B and C, human papilloma viruses, Epstein Barr virus, etc.; therefore, treatment of liver cancer,  uterus, head and neck cancer);
cancer survivors: treatments assessment and side-effect. Future prospects in cancer prevention;
chronic fatigue (in particular chronic fatigue syndrome and other forms of fatigue related to depression, stress, cancer, etc.);
HIV (in particular antiretroviral therapy and treatment of virus-related tumors).

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