Nobel Laureate Abel Laureate Advisory Board Member USERN President USERN Policy Making Council USERN Manager USERN Deputy Junior Ambassador

Major: Engineering

Field: Electrical and electronics engineering

Zhao Xudong, PhD, professor, doctoral supervisor, director of the Institute of Complex Systems and Control.

Served as the chief scientist of a major national science and technology project, and was selected into many talent programs such as the National Outstanding Youth, the Xingliao Talent of Liaoning Province, and the Outstanding Scientific and Technological Talents of Colleges and Universities, and has won the Global Highly Cited Scientist Award for many times.

At present, more than 100 accepted SCI journal papers have been published, of which more than 60 are on Automatica and IEEE Transactions; an English monograph has been published in Springer; 5 national invention patents have been authorized; papers have been cited more than 8,000 times by Google Scholar and more than 5,000 by SCI. Secondly, it has been cited and evaluated by more than 20 domestic and foreign academicians and more than 70 IEEE Fellows; one paper won the Best Theory Paper Award of the International Conference on Fuzzy Theory and Its Applications; and won two second prizes of Shandong Province Natural Science.

Educational Experience

2008.6-2010.7  Harbin Institute of Technology       Control Science and Engineering       Doctoral Degree
2005.9-2008.6  Harbin Institute of Technology  Master's Degree in       Control Science and Engineering     
2001.9-2005.7   Bachelor's Degree in       Automation, Harbin Institute of Technology   
1998.9-2001.7  Harbin No. 122 Middle School

Work Experience

2016.1-Now    Dalian University of Technology      professor
2014.1-2014.12    University of Hong Kong      postdoctoral
2013.3-2015.12    Bohai University      teachers
2010.8-2013.2     Teacher of China University of Petroleum (East China)

Academic Honor

2017  elected:  excellent youth fund winners

Most Cited Publications:

Stability and stabilization of switched linear systems with mode-dependent average dwell time

X Zhao, L Zhang, P Shi, M Liu
IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control 57 (7), 1809-1815 2012

Stability of switched positive linear systems with average dwell time switching

X Zhao, L Zhang, P Shi, M Liu
Automatica 48 (6), 1132-1137 2012

Fault-tolerant control of Markovian jump stochastic systems via the augmented sliding mode observer approach

H Li, H Gao, P Shi, X Zhao
Automatica 50 (7), 1825-1834 2014

Adaptive tracking control for a class of uncertain switched nonlinear systems

X Zhao, X Zheng, B Niu, L Liu.
Automatica 52, 185–191 2015

Fault-tolerant control for nonlinear Markovian jump systems via proportional and derivative sliding mode observer technique

M Liu, P Shi, L Zhang, X Zhao
IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems I: Regular Papers 58 (11), 2755-2764 2011

Switching Stabilization for a Class of Slowly Switched Systems

X Zhao, S Yin, H Li, B Niu
IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control 60 (1), 221-226 2015

Adaptive Tracking Control for Switched Stochastic Nonlinear Systems with Unknown Actuator Dead-Zone

X Zhao, P Shi, X Zheng, L Zhang
Automatica 60, 193-200 2015

New results on stability of slowly switched systems: A multiple discontinuous Lyapunov function approach

X Zhao, P Shi, Y Yin, SK Nguang
IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control 62 (7), 3502-3509 2016


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