Nobel Laureate Abel Laureate Top 1% Scientist USERN President USERN Policy Making Council USERN Manager USERN Deputy Junior Ambassador

Major: Economics & Business

Field: Management

Seyed Mohammad Mohajer

President of Tarjoman Oloom Higher Education Institute

CEO & Founder of BRANDAFARIN International Group


Be the best version of yourself


I daresay all brand and branding concepts and definitions can be observed in the above sentence.

whereof the brand, like a human, experiences all the before birth, birth, growth, maturity, wane and death processes, and since a real human being is always looking for growth and ascendancy, and this continuous process to reach the endpoint Life, thus the grown man is always looking to reach a higher point of his present and past. The most important tool in a human ascendancy or a brand is certainly an education.

Either for a human or a brand, becoming a distinct brand goes through practical training.

The above sentences are a summary of my little experience as Seyed Mohammad Mohajer in education and especially training in the brand management field.

Certainly, the brand and education and the combination of these two words are the main and vital tools for the development of any country and human being.

Now that I am the President of Tarjoman Oloom Higher Education Institute and the BrandAfarin international group, I consider it necessary as my social mission to start first from myself and with a better understanding of myself, then the great God and comprehending the universe; I announce to the cultured society that we seek to identify brilliant talents in the three areas of education, research and management consulting, and we warmly welcome intellectuals, professionals and individuals seeking individual and organizational growth.

Also, by creating skill training courses in four specialized fields of management in the Business School, foreign languages ​​in the Language School of Art and Media in the Art School, and new technologies in the i4.0 School for people who can not afford to pay for the training tuition, We have created the chance to study at Tarjoman Oloom Higher Education Institute for free and then go to the business market.




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